Power Production Supervision and Online Operation System Solution


The solution, consisting of three modules, i.e., data collection and exchange, big data center, and unified control class application, creates a unified and standardized data reporting and online collection platform which will support and empower the power enterprises. In addition, it builds a safe and reliable transmission channel and forms a unified and standardized data. In terms of its application, through the business analysis model of the electric power industry based on industrial big data thanks to big data platform technology and big data mining, it enables, among other things, risk prediction of power generation production supervision, monitoring and maintenance of electric power assets and equipment throughout their lifespan, the cost curve of thermal power enterprises, the power balance assessment of wind power enterprises, realizing production supervision and online operation analysis, and establishing cross-department, cross-business, and cross-segment advanced application analysis..

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Electric power enterprises service platform, electric power industry data collection and exchange platform, electric power industry 3D geographic information system software


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