HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit: iSoftStone Makes Impossible Possible Together with Eco-partner

With more and more intelligent devices available to individuals, the era of Internet of Everything has gradually become a reality. Today, the development of the mobile Internet industry based on smartphones has entered a period of transition. And a historic opportunity for the next industrial revolution is brought by the rapid development of the IoT industry. On June 17, 2021, Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit was grandly held in Xiamen. iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), as one of the first batch outstanding eco-partners of HarmonyOS Connect, was invited and gave a keynote speech on "Full Stack Solution and One-stop Service Platform for Faster Access to HarmonyOS Connect".


HarmonyOS Connect boosts industry upgrade and digital transformation.

Huawei's launching of HarmonyOS reflected its determination of creating an industrial ecology and achieving win-win results through intelligent hardware and developer ecosystem innovation. HarmonyOS Connect's advantages of simplest equipment connection, distribution and lightweight programs are the key points for partners to join and build the ecosystem together. For hardware manufacturers, access to HarmonyOS Connect will help them improve their user experience and service reach efficiency, and accelerate the intelligent upgrade at a deeper level, thus contributing to the intelligent and digital transformation of the whole industry.

Create a world of Internet of Everything and provide full-stack quality service

iSoftStone is an excellent partner of ecological comprehensive service for HarmonyOS Connect full-scene smart life. After Huawei completes ecological strategy integration and upgrading, it will provide HarmonyOS Connect eco-partners with one-stop access and full-stack service by using its technical strength. Users can connect intelligent devices with only one touch on a mobile phone, and can control them at any time without installing any APP, effectively solving the low utilization rate of intelligent features of devices, realizing the quick and low-cost connection to users, and making access simpler, more efficient and faster.

iSoftStone owns great R&D capability and profound technology accumulation. It provides professional and high-quality services to many HarmonyOS Connect partners through the HiSilicon Hi3861 self-developed WiFi module, Bluetooth module, HiSilicon Hi3518 development board, and the like. Given the barriers and difficulties of partners, iSoftStone provides continuous services from the product end to the whole-process access to HarmonyOS Connect ecological services and then to the back end, thus easing its partners. iSoftStone will continue to innovate and shape its complete capabilities as a HarmonyOS Connect ecological solution partner, and jointly build a world of Internet of Everything based on HarmonyOS.

Jointly build a prosperous ecosystem with HarmonyOS Connect.

Innovative achievements are emerging through deeper HarmonyOS's cooperation with partners iSoftStone has cooperated with industry leaders, such as Fotile, SUNRA, Supor and Joyoung. Now, it has accessed more than 200 SKUs and keeps making efforts in five major sectors, including the smart home, sports health, smart travel, office education, and video entertainment. By opening up full-scene and multi-path channels, iSoftStone is going to support its partners comprehensively. At present, it has helped manufacturers realize more than RMB20 million of crowdsourced testing commercial monetization, so that partners can get excellent experiences in "simplest connection, universal card, minimal interaction and cooperative hardware".

As opportunities and challenges coexist in the new era of Internet of Everything, iSoftStone will join hands with Huawei and other eco-partners to build a prosperous ecology of HarmonyOS Connect and share a win-win future.

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