Two Teams of iSoftStone Won Prizes and Shined at the HarmonyOS Developer Innovation Competition

HarmonyOS sees a promising future upon the closure of the HarmonyOS Developer Innovation Competition. On May 24, 2021, the "Award Ceremony of Huawei HarmonyOS Developer Innovation Competition and Inauguration for OpenHarmony University Cooperation" was successfully held in Shenzhen.

Wonderful ideas to make an era of HarmonyOS

"From the mainframe era, PC era to the mobile Internet era, developers lead every stage of the information revolution. The coming Internet of Everything era will bring developers another opportunity to lead the times." Wang Chenglu, President of CBG software and President of AI and Smart Full-Scene Business Department, said in his speech, "HarmonyOS is a new generation of intelligent terminal system, and developers are the force to change the world!"


The competition gathered 3,100+ teams and finally came to an end after five-month racing. There was one first prize, two second prizes and five third prizes. The Pioneer Team and Aspiration Team of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) stood out. Both emerged as the top eight teams with the Intelligent Triangular Warning Signs Deployment System and Intelligent Farm System respectively, winning the third prize. The two entries were highly recognized by the leaders and tutors of the organizing committee respectively.



Representatives of iSoftStone's team members were invited to speak at the stage. They shared the R&D experience of the entries and expressed their sincere gratitude to the judges for their guidance and recognition.


The Intelligent Farm System is a series of OpenHarmony-based functions such as interconnection and automation control of various IoT devices (sensors, motors, smart screens, etc.); it can effectively solve the disunity, high deployment cost, long time and high maintenance cost of various sensor platforms in traditional agriculture. It not only provides a full-scene multi-device collaborative intelligent breeding experience, but also reproduces the "1+8+N" intelligent breeding scene in the OpenHarmony full scene.

The Intelligent Triangular Warning Signs Deployment System is a combination of OpenHarmony application R&D and equipment R&D. This system, by virtue of its OpenHarmony distributed capability, makes each device share a set of HAP, and control the operation of triangle warning sign intelligently through cross-terminal device linkage control, thus reducing the risk of secondary accidents, and achieving the purpose of protecting the life and property safety of the parties.


Empower colleges and universities to start to build talent ecology

At this award ceremony, Huawei officially launched the "HarmonyOS University Talent Cultivation Program", which will make 15+ HarmonyOS courses taught in colleges and universities, to build HarmonyOS innovative training camps for colleges and universities in seven regions including East China, North China and Southwest China. It is to cultivate more Harmony OS full-stack development reserve forces, and prepare for the era of Internet of Everything.

As a participant and co-builder of HarmonyOS Ecosystem, iSoftStone has established the OpenHarmony co-construction and cooperation relationship with Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other famous universities; the experiment instruction manual jointly developed has been incorporated into the university curriculum system at present. Additionally, the intelligent programming education platform based on HarmonyOS technology independently developed by iSoftStone is about to be put into use.


Boost all-round development to welcome the Internet of Everything.

The era of HarmonyOS is ready, and the AIoT of the Internet of Everything Era has become a new trend. iSoftStone established its HarmonyOS Business Department in 2020 which is staffed with an excellent technical R&D team and OpenHarmony-based R&D capability, to actively explore the application scenarios of the OpenHarmony system.

In the future, iSoftStone will go deeper into HarmonyOS Ecosystem, gather the power of developers, and support the talent ecology establishment. iSoftStone will meet eco-partners for ecological cooperation, and make vigorous efforts and forge ahead to create a prosperous HarmonyOS step by step!



As the full-scene solution provider of HarmonyOS Ecosystem, iSoftStone will go deeper in HarmonyOS Ecosystem, gather the power of developers, and support the talent ecology establishment. It highlights the layout in HMS, third-party application components, HarmonyOS Connect, HarmonyOS industry solutions, and HarmonyOS education in HarmonyOS Ecosystem. iSoftStone meets eco-partners for ecological cooperation, to create a prosperous HarmonyOS step by step!

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