iSoftStone: Value Contribution of IT Services to Digital Economy Development

Recently, the 2021 Global Trade in Services Summit themed as “Digital Management, Mutual Development” was held successfully in Nanjing by Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation and Nanjing People’s Government. During the summit, guests who attended the event communicated about and discussed issues of deepening innovative development pilots of trade in services as well as service outsourcing transformation and upgrading, and establishing an international communication and cooperation platform for trade in services. In the meantime, John Peng, the Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, delivered the speech of “Value Contribution of IT Services to Digital Economy Development” at the International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Forum. 

Digital economy cannot be developed without supports and enabling of IT services

According to MIIT Report, the operating income of the software and IT service industry in China increased 25.7% year on year, and the number of employees in the industry exceeds 7.5 million, with year-on-year growth of 6.5%. The role of the industry as important support and leader for national economy and social development is further highlighted.

At present, under the leadership of new infrastructure construction, IT innovation and other trends, the in-depth integration of digital technology and industrialization pushes the digital process of all industries, and cultivates more new industries, new business types and new modes which have been applied to all sectors of the society. As predicted by IDC, a data analysis institute, more top-level digital transformation projects drive further development of IT service market in the future. From 2020 to 2025, the compound growth rate of the entire IT service market is 7.5%. Facing vast market entities, how should software and IT service providers realize digital transformation through system planning and effective strategy implementation?

Peng said service enterprises shall possess comprehensive service abilities including good comprehension of the industry, technologies, services, business, risks and rules, energize clients better through “do the thing right + do the right thing”, jointly create mutual-reliable and mutual-win strategic partnership with clients, and promote high-quality development of Chinese economy.

Strengthen IT service ability and boost digital transformation

As the leading China innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone, with mutual development as the ultimate objective and around three core driving forces of digitalization, digital empowerment and globalization, speeds up developing iSoftStone ecology with clients and partners, and promotes global business deployment.

Therefore, iSoftStone promotes the comprehensive implementation of enterprise-oriented digital transformation from six aspects:

• Firstly, in the aspect of digital transformation consulting services which lead the development of clients, iSoftStone provides full-stack services from strategic consulting to design and implementation, system migration, digital empowerment and technical support; 

• Secondly, in the aspect of cloud-cored digital technical service, iSoftStone provides digital technology services such as cloud computing, big data, data safety and IoT, and helps clients finish enterprise transformation and upgrading thoroughly; 

• Thirdly, in the aspect of the large-scale flexible talent supply system, iSoftStone improves efficiency of the entire talent supply chain, strengthens long-term resource supply ability, and speeds up delivery of the supply chain;

• Fourthly, in the aspect of systematic continuous innovation mechanism, iSoftStone makes collaborative innovation with innovation institutes, technology institutes and CoE, and ceaselessly explores vast commercial application potential of cutting-edge technologies;

• Fifthly, in the aspect of efficient and comprehensive service support system, iSoftStone guarantees smooth delivery of projects at seven levels including EHS, BCM and the knowledge management system;

• Lastly, iSoftStone develops an open and cooperative ecosystem and integrates social resources to create future ecological competitiveness and create value for clients. 

Based on the implementation of aforesaid six measures, iSoftStone is gradually becoming a reliable partner of enterprises for digital transformation in the fast-changing competitive pattern. By speeding up digital development and creating new priorities of the digital economy, iSoftStone ceaselessly pushes China’s IT service industry to win a slot in the global market.

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