2021&openEuler Summit 2021 iSoftStone Attended Operating System Summit 2021 &openEuler Summit 2021 via Invitation

On November 9-10, the Operating System Summit 2021 &openEuler Summit 2021 was held in Beijing National Convention Center. The Summit themed as “Pursing Dream of Digital Age with Roots and Spirits”, was organized by Open Atom Foundation, China Electronics Standardization Institute, China Software Industry Association, Green Computing Consortium and China Computer Industry Association. “Government-Industry-University-Institute-User” representatives from over 300 enterprises and organizations of the operating system industry attended the meeting on the venue or online to jointly discuss topics of industrial policies, technical innovation, ecological co-development, commercial validation and open-source sharing, and promote the development of the operating system industry and prosperity of basic software ecology. At the conference, Huawei cooperated with industrial clients and ecological partners to officially donate the openEuler operating system to Open Atom Foundation, launch the first batch of “Euler Ecological Innovation Center” and release the Euler talent development acceleration plan.

As a long-term key partner of Huawei and co-organizer of the Summit, iSoftStone attended via invitation, shared its technical trend and development planning of openEuler ecology with Huawei and numerous partners through high-level talks, forum speeches and booth display, and showed its strength in the ecological adaption of the operating system, joint innovation and talents.

iSoftStone & Huawei seek mutual development

Executive Vice President Huang Ying, on behalf of iSoftStone, talked with Zhang Xiwei, Computing President of Huawei Kunpeng on the future planning of the Euler operating system. Huang said iSoftStone would actively cope with the development of Euler ecology, contribute digital power to construction in the field of Euler ecology by means of internal capacity integration, resource coordination and referring to Harmony OS experience, and boost basic software ecology jointly with Huawei and its industrial partners.

Zhang expressed his gratitude toward iSoftStone for its input and contribution to Huawei’s software technology service field, and highly affirmed and approved its capacity. He wished iSoftStone could actively bring its accumulated capacity in the field of software technology service and its ecologically superior resources into full play, and push healthy and fast development of the basic software industry and operating system industry jointly with Huawei. Meanwhile, Zhang offered guidance and suggestions to iSoftStone in the fields of Euler technical talents cultivation, community operation and professional services.

Independent booth displays outstanding strength in the openEuler field

After the talk, they visited the open source booth of iSoftStone, where they learned the progress of cooperation with Huawei in the OSS field as well as its two excellent practices regarding openEuler: Based on the root technology capacity of the Huawei openEuler+Kunpeng platform, it drove the performance of HPC-WAN solutions to exceed common platform (X86), and effectively solved the requirement of meteorological industry for high performance of computing platform; AKE acceleration ability based on Huawei openEuler drove SPARK big data processing efficiency to improve 5+ times. They visited iSoftStone’s OpenHarmony intelligent development kits of “Qihang KP” and “Qihang KS”.

As global digitalization speeds up, digital infrastructure faces new challenges. As the root technology of basic software, the operating system has become the key force to boost digital reform. iSoftStone has committed itself to collaborative development with the industry and partners through digital technology for a long time. By joining Open Atom Foundation and openEuler project workgroup, it strives to make a higher value contribution of open source technology to digital transformation in a larger range. In the future, iSoftStone will cooperate with Huawei and partners to develop Euler ecology, drive innovation of basic software and pursue great achievements in the digital age. 

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