HDC.Cloud 2021 Closed iSoftStone Works with Developers to Build a Digital Future

On April 24-26, 2021, Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC.Cloud) was successfully held in the University Town of Shenzhen, with over 70 parallel sessions worldwide, and this annual event for all developers empowers the ICT field.

As a strategic partner of Huawei, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) was highly involved in the discussion and sharing activities of several sub-forums. Centering on Cloud Native, AI and Kunpeng Computing, and other hot and cutting-edge issues, senior experts and skilled technicians from iSoftStone gave keynote speeches and shared successful cases and methodologies of integrating new iSoftStone technology with practice. Further, iSoftStone was officially authorized as Huawei's RPA partner - Joint Solution Service Provider at this conference, which fully reflected iSoftStone's technical strength in the RPA field and high recognition by industry partners for iSoftStone's technical achievements.


The annual ICT developer event embraces the Full-Scene Smart Life Era

Since the first HDC.Cloud in 2015, this annual event has attracted the attention and participation of the world's top developers; in the past six years, iSoftStone has fully participated and witnessed the development of the event.

Facing the accelerated arrival of the full-scene smart life era, the cloud and AI sectors are turning into the core increments in the ICT field, the necessary tools and partners for every developer, and the inevitable upgrade path for enterprises and institutions. In this regard, HDC.Cloud 2021, with the slogan “Every Developer Makes a Huge Difference”, urges a forward-looking mind of global developers to address the full-scene smart life with technological strength.


To keep up with the times, iSoftStone shares its technology and practice

For the undergoing digitalization, the process of digital transformation is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprises and institutions, and a prerequisite path of upgrading and transformation. Every developer and manager share the same goal to use cutting-edge innovative technology to solve developmental barriers and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase from a scene-based perspective.

As a Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone is deeply involved in HDC.Cloud 2021 as previous years. On April 26, iSoftStone delivered six brilliant and fruitful keynote speeches to global developers, guests in the ICT field at the sub-forums of Cloud Native, AI and Kunpeng Computing.

From the optimization of system resilience by Cloud Native platform to opening up Industry-University-Research resources, from enterprise cost reduction by RPA to building digital application system on the Cloud middle-end, and from the performance improvement of Kunpeng processor to the application of Huawei cloud digital platform in big data governance, the sharing by the outstanding developers of iSoftStone not only shows innovative technologies representing the cutting-edge implications of the industry, but also matches the application and practice cases of technologies in the real-life scene.

Through sharing and exchanges, iSoftStone has realized “hands-on” guidance for enterprises and institutions to carry out digital transformation and upgrading, from principle to practice, creating a brand-new value belonging to the digital era together with partners.

iSoftStone builds the digital future with years of industry experience.

Since its establishment in 2005, iSoftStone, with years of technology practices and experience, has always upheld the mission of enhancing customer value by using digital technology, providing global customers with one-stop life cycle services from IT consulting, business planning, industry solutions, customized development and implementation to system maintenance services, and is committed to being a globally influential digital technology service leader and a trusted partner of corporate digital transformation.

At present, iSoftStone, in addition to long-term and close cooperation with Huawei, also provides high-quality services to more than 1,000 customers worldwide covering over 10 key industries and business sectors, including more than 200 customers of the Global and Chinese Fortune 500 companies. Currently, iSoftStone has been honored as Top Ten Leading Enterprises in China's Software and Information Service Industry, China's Digital Transformation Leading Manufacturer, etc., and owned professional qualifications such as CMMI-DEV Level 5, ISO90001 and ISO27001.

In the process of cooperation with Huawei and other leading brands in the industry, iSoftStone further expanded its ecology and ability of innovation cooperation. Guided by the "Digital iSoftStone" strategy, it has established a complete innovative cooperation system in Industry-University-Research, giving full play to the advantages as a leading enterprise and integrating the resources of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. Driven by technological progress and application innovation, an open and cooperative ecological cooperation relationship is coming. iSoftStone will work together with global developers, create a digital future, continuously empower the industry and create new value for customers.

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