Huawei Cloud Ecosystem Summit | iSoftStone Desires Long-term Value with Huawei Cloud for Win-Win Result

On the afternoon of May 17, 2021, the Huawei Cloud Ecosystem Summit 2021 with the theme of "Technology Co-existence, Business Win-Win" was held. As the highlight of Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021, Huawei Cloud eco-partners gathered to focus on technology co-creation, resource sharing and win-win cooperation. Lu Yong, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of the China Region, Huawei, and Hong Fangming, President of Huawei Cloud China, attended and delivered speeches. Liu Tianwen, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), was invited and attended the press conference of Huawei Cloud Partner Strategy. Huang Ying, Vice Chairman, delivered a keynote speech on "Work Together for Win-Win". 


Huawei Cloud released the 2021 Huawei Cloud Partners at the conference and held the launching ceremony of the Huawei Cloud Starlight Plan 2021, in which iSoftStone was all listed. Xiang Pianpian, Senior Vice President, on behalf of iSoftStone, launched the lighting ceremony of the plan, fully demonstrating the consensus of both parties to work together to build long-term value. 


Create a new future of digital economy backed by Huawei Cloud. 

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan"; the development concept of "speeding up digital development and building a digital China" guides China to move faster to a new era of the digital economy. As the foundation of digital enterprises, digital society, and digital China, the "cloud" is becoming an important issue for thousands of industries. Huawei has more than 30 years’ accumulation of technical strength in communication, computing, storage and IoT, and iSoftStone has nearly 20 years of comprehensive service capabilities in software and information technology services such as solution and industry application 


"Huawei and iSoftStone have established a deep strategic partnership, which is more based on matched values of both parties. We all emphasize customer first and value creation, which is engraved in the genes of both parties. Therefore our cooperation is not simply a strong alliance, but also a brand symbiosis and value win-win. We can surely create greater value for customers through tacit cooperation." So said, Huang Ying.

It is precisely due to the years of trustworthy cooperation that iSoftStone actively responded to the cloud in an all-around way when Huawei proposed to make a push for cloud computing. After years of cooperation with Huawei Cloud, iSoftStone has stepped from a "strategic partner" in 2017 to a mode of gradually realizing comprehensive cloudization by relying on Huawei Cloud, from the national market layout of iSoftStone-Huawei Cloud Partnership Center to the formal signing of Huawei Cloud 2.0 Partnership Agreement. Both parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in seven sectors and committed to jointly promoting the "on-cloud" of enterprises and accelerating the digitalization of enterprise customers. 

Create a full-stack cloud management service for multi-dimensional collaborative growth. 

Based on Huawei Cloud, iSoftStone exerts its MSP capability. It creates industry models with its practices such as Cloud Native and cloud security, jointly develop industry solutions, finds every opportunity in consulting ability, and expand the middle and long-tailed market with Partnership Center, etc. Now a service system from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS has been established, providing all-round services including consultation, transfer, operation and maintenance, development, etc., and realizing collaborative growth on seven dimensions of cloud, such as Cloud Native, SaaS, industry cloud, personnel training and industry solutions. As a partner of Huawei Cloud in service and R&D capabilities, iSoftStone helps customers realize the digital transformation. 


For joint technological innovation with Huawei Cloud, iSoftStone, taking the cloud-native solution of the automobile industry as an example, is backed by Huawei Cloud, and integrates its own consulting planning + solution + MSP and other capabilities; through which iSoftStone improves the Huawei products and serves customer-driven service system from infrastructure construction to business design, to jointly satisfy automobile customers.

To be a reliable cloud service partner based on the cloud strength 

With years of development, Huawei Cloud and iSoftStone have established an all-round and highly matched business cooperation system in terms of technological innovation, market expansion, cloud services and support, and the market booming is near at hand. 

Relying on independent innovation and industry accumulation, iSoftStone now has built up perfect cloud service capabilities and solution capabilities to provide customers with end-to-end consulting-led cloud services such as digital consulting services, cloud infrastructure services, industry cloud products and solutions, cloud-native services, data intelligence services and security services. 

In 2021, iSoftStone completes its business layout in 10+ provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hubei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, etc. The carrying out of iSoftStone-Huawei Cloud Partnership Center’s brand promotion, training, pre-sales support and online support for marketing expansion enables Huawei Cloud channel partners and customers to realize a one-stop service of digital transformation and grow together with Huawei Cloud. 


In the future, iSoftStone will continue to join hands with Huawei Cloud and highlight the market expansion, the technological innovation of cloud-native + AI and end-to-end consulting-led life cycle service in major cities and industries. It will make continuous breakthroughs in modes and applications, offer continuous input in industrial innovation, and seize the opportunity of digital transformation, such that iSoftStone can see a better and common development, jointly create greater commercial value for customers, and realize technological symbiosis and win-win business .

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