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Core values
Quality, innovation, learning, openness, and value creation

"Quality, innovation, learning, openness, and value creation" are five key words representing the core values of the iSoftStone corporate culture, serving as the cornerstone and soul of the enterprise culture; based on the achievement of the enterprise vision and the fulfillment of the enterprise mission, it represents the attitude and responsibility with which iSoftStone commits itself to the staff, customers, partners, shareholders and society, as well as is the behavior requirements of high quality and the guidance of positive thinking. The deep connotation of the core values of enterprise culture has penetrated into every aspect of company's daily operation and management, and has become the code of conduct for each of iSoftStone staff.

Quality is our fundamental principle

Quality is embodied in our services, products, professional communication, interpersonal and other visible and invisible aspects, and is reasons to win the trust from customers, companies and colleagues.

Innovation is the driving force of our sustainable development

One source of innovative ideas is dissatisfaction with the status quo, which needs to continue the innovation in technologies, products and services, ideas, management, system, business models, service models, profit models, and other aspects.

Learning makes us competitive

The quality of iSoftStone staff determines the future of iSoftStone; learning is the main way of self-perfection and quality improvement and the key to achieve in the quality as well as the innovation and high value added.

Openness is the embodiment of our broad mind

Openness is the best soft environment for building efficient teams and creating ideas; as well as the basic experience of combining and integrating external resources and gaining a rapid growth. iSoftStone will continue to be inclusive, respect the difference, and form a diversified but united environment.

Value creation is the meaning of our existence

Everything we have done is to create value for the society, customers, employees, shareholders, and partners; meanwhile, value contribution is our core standard of performance measurement.

The core values of the enterprise culture have the great power to unite all iSoftStone staff members, guide iSoftStone the road of self-shaping, self-development, and constant innovation, and achieve the historical mission of the era.

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