Enterprise Honors


2020 China’s TOP100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Competitiveness in Software and IT Service (China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry) - TOP 19 

2009-2019 China’s Top 100 Companies in Software Business Revenue (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) – 2019 TOP19 

2010-2020 Global Outsourcing 100 list Leader Size Group (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, IAOP)

2009-2017 China Top 10 Leading Software Service Outsourcing Enterprises (Ministry of Commerce) 

2020 TOP10 Digital Service Leaders (China Council for International Investment Promotion)

2016-2017 Service Outsourcing Enterprises in China (IDC, Gartner) - TOP10

2013-2018 Outstanding Contributions to China's Software and Information Services (Organizing Committee of China International Software & Information Service Fair)

2020 Outstanding Electronic Information Enterprise (Organizing Committee of China Information Technology Industry Development Conference)

2019 China Most Influential Software and Information Service Enterprises (China Software Industry Association)

Innovative Technology

2020 TOP10 Innovative Software Enterprises, 2020 Innovative Software Products (China Software Industry Association)

2019 TOP100 China IoT Enterprises (China Internet Weekly & eNet Institute) – TOP 10

2018 Innovative Service Award of China IT Services --- First Place of Big Data and AI (MIIT & International Standardization Association IT Branch)

Social Citizenship & Employer Brand

2016-2019 China Outstanding Corporate Citizenship (China Association of Social Workers, Committee of Corporate Citizenship)

2017 Beijing Energy Efficiency Leaders (Commission of Development and Reform, Finance Bureau)

2019 Beijing Cultural Industry TOP100 (Beijing Association of Industry and Commerce) - TOP23 

2019 China Best Employers (China Employer Branding Organizing Committee)

2020 China Best Employers (CHIRC)



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