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Mr. Tianwen Liu (TW Liu) is the founder, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone Group. Founded in 2005, iSoftStone is a leading China-based innovative IT services provider.

Mr. Liu has over 20 years’ management experiences in IT industry and technology innovation. Mr. Liu is an award-winner of “Life Achievement Award of Remarkable Contributions to Outsourcing in China”, and he was also received several times the award of “Top Leader of the Decade in China IT Services Industry”, “Leader of the Year in China Software and Information Services Industry”, “Award for Outstanding Contribution in Cloud Computing” .

As an outstanding entrepreneur, Mr. Liu co-founded in 1999 and has led the efforts to build the company to become China's largest on-line office supply and services provider. Previously, he has served in large multinational companies, including Siemens, etc.

Mr. Liu is a Sloan Fellow and holds a MBA degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

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iSoftStone Chairman Listed in National “Ten-thousand Talents Program”

The fourth batch of National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” list is released recently. TW Liu, the Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, is included in this list, showing high affirmation for his excellent performance in innovation and venture.

Co-building the Ecosystem Yonyou Network and iSoftStone Accelerate the Digital Intellectualization of Enterprises through Business Innovation

On October 23-24, the 2021 Business Innovation Conference with the theme of "Power of Business Innovation" was held in Beijing. A diamond partner of Yonyou, iSoftStone’s Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Carson Che was invited to attend the conference and participate in the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement on business innovation ecosystem.

Authoritative Certification | ISoftStone Passes SA8000 Certification

ISoftStone successfully passed SA8000 certification of social accountability management system and gained the certificate. It fully recognizes iSoftStone's efforts on corporate social responsibility for many years, and indicates the company's compliance with SA8000 standard including humanistic concept, standardized management, etc.

Good News | Strategic Synergy Worked: iSoftStone Won the Bid for Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor's Primary Marketing Data Project

iSoftStone successfully won the bid for the marketing architecture and information architecture counseling service project of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Liuzhou) not long ago.

Authoritative Release〡iSoftStone on the "2021 List of Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China"

The "2021 List of Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China", as produced by CCID, was formally released. The listees include integrated cloud infrastructure suppliers, financial technology (ABCDI) manufacturers, IT solution providers, integrated suppliers of digital technical services, cyber safety service providers and financial service providers.

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