Ecosystem prosperity ▏iSoftStone receives OpenHarmony Compatibility Certification


Recently, iSoftStone's "Yangfan" inclusive device development board successfully passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony (“OpenHarmony”) compatibility test and obtained the compatibility certification, marking the company’s ability in OpenHarmony R&D and innovation, and contributions to the prosperity of OpenHarmony ecosystem.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology solicits opinions on digital economy legislation from iSoftStone


On March 29, Jianguo Tang, Director of Big Data Application and Industry Division of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, led a delegation to visit iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. ("iSoftStone") to learn about its development status and needs. John Peng, Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone, Haining Deng, Senior Vice President, Xin Yan, Director of Innovation Cooperation Center of Innovation Research Institute, and Jing Guo, Director of Government Affairs attended the exchange meeting on legislative affairs.

Pooling Wisdom and Strength|iSoftStone attended the 2022 Yonyou Ecological Conference


The 2022 Yonyou Ecological Conference themed by “Pooling Wisdom and Strength to Create Win-Win BIP” was unveiled on March 23. Xiaoliang Wang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, a diamond partner of Yonyou, attended the signing ceremony of Professional Service Partner Roundtable Forum and Professional Service Partner Talent Equal Protection Agreement, and received the honor of “Professional Service Ecological Partner Award of the Year” on behalf of iSoftStone.

iSoftStone taps the potential of AI underlying technology


Knowledge graph is the stepping stone from big data to artificial intelligence, and the foundation to shift from artificial intelligence to interpretable cognitive intelligence. The development of knowledge graph technology is of great guiding significance for the integration of multi-source heterogeneous data, large-scale industry knowledge mining and wider intelligent application of knowledge.

Terminal-Cloud Collaboration to Build AI Ecology | AI Terminal-Cloud Integrated Product Partner Promotion Event Held in Beijing


On March 17, the “AI Terminal-Cloud Integrated Product Partner Promotion Event in Spring 2022” themed by “Terminal-Cloud Collaboration to Build AI Ecology” was unveiled in Beijing. Zhiqiang Liu, head of the Operation and Management Department of the Financial Sharing Service Center of China Railway 11th Bureau Group Corporation Limited, Jin Wang, director of Huawei Cloud Senior Ecological Solutions, Xiren Li, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Yunlian Jinhui Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and nearly 100 ecological partners attended the event.

Create a new digitalization benchmark in the construction industry: iSoftStone and Huawei Cloud AI + RPA help the intelligent upgrade of China Railway 11th Bureau


The outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan puts forward the development goal to “embrace the digital era, unlock the potential of big data, build China’s strength in cyberspace, accelerate the development of a digital economy, a digital society, and a digital government, and transform the pattern of production, lifestyle, and governance models through digital transformation”. Digital transformation has formed a consensus in all walks of life.

iSoftStone awarded "HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem Module S-level Technical Certification"


The WiFi HarmonyOS Connect module developed by iSoftStone was awarded the "HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem Module S-level Technical Certification" by Huawei, the highest level certification, qualifying iSoftStone as a hardware module solution provider for Huawei. As Huawei's ISV solution service provider and one of the first batch of "certified" HarmonyOS application service eco-partners, iSoftStone independently developed such a module to enhance further cooperation between the two sides.

iSoftStone Huawei Cloud 2021 Annual Summary and Partner Commendation Meeting successfully held


On January 11, 2022, iSoftstone Huawei Cloud 2021 Annual Summary and Partner Commendation Meeting came to an end in Wuhan. Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China and Director of Ecology and Partner Development of Huawei Cloud China, participated in the meeting through video recording. Representatives of the Cloud Business Development Department of Huawei Hubei Representative Office, multiple ISV ecological partners and elite service providers, as well as Ying Huang, Vice Chairman of iSoftstone, and business backbones of Huawei Cloud attended the meeting.

Robustly Improving Data Capability: iSoftStone Successfully Listed as One of the Annual Top 10 Best Cases of DCMM


DCMM annul work meeting of data management was kicked off in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province recently. More than 100 participants attended the meeting, including representatives from the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF), Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu and various assessment facilities and paradigm enterprises.

Talent-driven Innovation for HarmonyOS! HarmonyOS APP Development: Quick Start and Project Practices Formally Published


As the driver and contributor of Harmony technology and ecology, iSoftStone has had years of extensive and profound cooperation with Huawei. Having iSoftStone Education as the platform, iSoftStone participated in the development of Harmony's talent ecology through integration of industry and education and engagement in the OpenHarmony developer growth program.


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