By Deep Cooperation with iSoftStone, NETLINKZ Brings New Private Network Experience to Chinese Users


On September 2, the 2022 Loongson Industrial Ecology Conference was held in Suzhou. SWANLINK, a subsidiary of iSoftStone, was invited to attend the summit.

Work Together to Create a Panorama of Machine Vision Industry and Enable Thousands of Industries to Speed Up Intelligently


On August 8, Huawei Machine Vision Industry Summit and New Product Launch Conference 2022 was held in Yan’an, during which, Huawei Machine Vision Corps announced the strategic upgrading with an aim to deepen the machine vision industry with new market strategy, new product portfolio, new service strategy and new ecosystem, and also concentrated on solving problems of AI implementation and accelerate the process through the evolution of the whole chain of architecture, products, and ecology. Liu Huifu, CTO of iSoftStone, Wu Jiang, the Senior Vice President, and Yang Keyu, the General Manager of Sales Management Department of the Major Customer Business Groups were invited to attend the conference to discuss the new space of machine vision industry.

iSoftStone Chairman Listed in National “Ten-thousand Talents Program”


The fourth batch of National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” list is released recently. TW Liu, the Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, is included in this list, showing high affirmation for his excellent performance in innovation and venture.

Accession of iSoftStone to the World’s First International Metaverse Standards Consortium to Continuously Drive Industrial Metaverse


Recently, iSoftStone has officially joined the Metaverse Standards Forum, the world’s first international metaverse standards consortium. The Forum, established in June 2022, is led by the Khronos Group and currently includes 37 domestic and foreign technology giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Epic, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Sony, Huawei and Ali, with the aim of carrying out industry-wide cooperation around the interoperability standards required for building an open metaverse, and promoting the development of metaverse standards.

Internet Enabler | iSoftStone Leading Commercial Development of OpenHarmony


In the afternoon of July 27, one of the six theme summits for 2022 Global Digital Economy Conferences, i.e., 2022 OpenAtom OpenHarmony sub-forum was opened grandly at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. With “Internet of Everything, Enabling Numerous Industries” as the them, this sub-forum was hosted by OpenAtom Foundation and participated in by OpenHarmony Working Committee, iSoftStone etc., showing the development achievements of OpenHarmony in numerous industries, prosperous ecological environment and the latest technical progress.

Great Ambition Empowers Thousands of Industries | SwanLink, a Subsidiary of iSoftStone, Released SwanLinkOS for Commercial Display and Transportation Industries


On July 20, SwanLink (Jiangsu) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SwanLink”), a subsidiary of iSoftStone, successfully held an online launch event under the theme “continue the original great ambition, create an independent road with everything connected”. SwanLink, a company dedicated to IoT OS and industrialization services, rolled out SwanLinkOS for commercial display and transportation industries, as well as R&D achievements of OpenHarmony and a range of application products, to provide a digital foundation for digital transformation in these industries.

iSoftStonewasAwardedthe"MostInnovativeEnterprise of2022"byWGDC


OnJuly20-21,the11thWorldGeospatialDevelopersConference(WGDC2022)&the1st AutomobileCreatorsConference(AutoCC2022)washeldinBeijing.iSoftStonewasinvitedto attendtheconferenceandawardedthe"MostInnovativeEnterpriseof2022".

iSoftStone Reached a Strategic Cooperation with 360 Group to Boost Leapfrog Development of Digital Security


iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) and 360 Digital Security Technology Group Co., Ltd. ("360 Group") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on July 12. TW Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, John Peng, Executive Vice President, and Chief Digital Officer, Hongyi Zhou, Founder of 360 Group, Jian Ye, COO of 360 Group and CEO of 360 Government & Enterprise Security Group, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

2021 China Banking IT Solution Market Share Analysis Report: iSoftStone Pioneers the Industry


Recently, China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) released the China Banking IT Solution Market Share Analysis Report. iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) innovates finance through science and technology, and ranked fifth in the market share of IT solutions in China’s banking industry in 2021, won first place in the bank card solution market ranking, and ranked second in the market share of credit card solutions, channel management solutions, intelligent marketing solutions, unstructured data management solutions, and other categories, and was in the forefront in terms of open banking solutions, transaction banking solutions, online banking solutions, smart network solutions, business intelligence solutions, regulatory and information disclosure solutions, management and regulatory solutions.

iSoftStone ISSCloud Multi-cloud Management System Selected into CNCF Cloud Native Landscape


Recently, ISSCloud multi-cloud management system has been included in the “Scheduling & Orchestration” section of CNCF Landscape, the second time iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) has been shortlisted for CNCF Cloud Native Landscape after passing Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) certification, further strengthening its role in the cloud native field.


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