Authoritative accreditation! iSoftStone awarded enhanced certificate of CAICT

On December 13, “3SCON software supply chain safety meeting” sponsored by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) was successfully held. At the meeting, CAICT released the latest “Credible safety evaluation results”, including TSM credible R&D operation and safety ability matureness evaluation and safe R&D operation tools evaluation. iSoftStone was awarded with the enhanced certification of “Credible R&D operation and safety ability matureness”, making it the seventh certified credible software engineering enterprise in China. 


With the advancement of digital transformation, the safety risk of software supply chain intensifies. It is imperative to build a safety system framework covering a full life cycle of software application services. Against this background, CAICT takes lead in preparing the Standard for Credible R&D Operation and Safety Ability Matureness Model, emphasizing putting safety first, namely introducing safety concept at the beginning of the demand design stage. This test and evaluation of the credible R&D operation and safety ability matureness is conducted according to the standard above.  

This certification fully reflects high reliability of iSoftStone’s R&D operation safety system, and also represents another high recognition of industry authorities for iSoftStone. Previously, iSoftStone was granted with CAICT’s safety-related certifications, including Trusted Cloud MSP excellence certification, Trusted Cloud enterprise-level SaaS service evaluation certification, information safety management system certification (ISO27001), and IT service management system certification (ISO20000).

Over a long term, iSoftStone has constantly intensified efforts to the safety system construction, has formed perfect safety management system, R&D management process, safe protection system, and has independently developed DevSecOps safe automation tools, in order to meet the R&D and operation safety and credibility. Based on the technology accumulation in the safety field, in combination with foreign and domestic safety standards, as well as customer’s related industry requirements, iSoftStone integrates safety into the whole R&D process of design, development, test and delivery through the systematic, flowcharted and automatic R&D operation, and ensures the safety and credibility of products. iSoftStone’s ISSCloud native DevOps platform is the subject of this test. And the successful certification means its safety standard reaches the domestically leading level. This platform is independently developed by iSoftStone. It integrates various safety abilities to meet the DevSecOps standard and achieve cloud-native safety automation and self-adaptation. It can not only realize safe protection and fast response and treatment of cloud-native applications, but monitor the safety of systems and platforms through the safety center, in order to learn about the safety status of enterprise cloud-native applications and eliminate safety threats as fast as possible.


As a leading innovative software and IT services provider in China, iSoftStone always puts safety as the prerequisite and bottom line of software R&D and service, which is the foundation of the company practicing the vision of becoming a reliable partner for digital transformation of enterprises. In the future, iSoftStone will consistently enhance its R&D operation and safety ability, earnestly ensure the product safety, and stably boost the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprise. 

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