Liu Jiuru, President of Huaxin Institute and His Delegation Visited iSoftStone for Research, Exchanges and Collaboration

Recently, Liu Jiuru, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House of Electronics Industry and president of Huaxin Institute, and his delegation went to iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “iSoftStone”) for research. The two sides had an in-depth discussion centered on fostering the digital transformation of the industry and jointly promoting the development of the information technology application innovation (ITAI) industry and industrial meta-universe. Zhang Xuming, independent director of iSoftStone, Peng Qiang, executive vice president and president of Innovation Research Institute, Luo Dongmei, vice president of Technology Research Institute, Yin Lu, general manager of Key Account Support Center of iSoftStone, together with Li Fangfang, executive president of Huaxin Institute, Yin Ming, president of Electronic Information Research Institute, Feng Xiping, President of Network Technology Application Research Institute, Yao Yao, president of International Economic Research Institute, and Xia Shiyu, researcher, participated in the exchanges. The two sides agreed to cooperate in order to complement one another’s strengths, share resources, and carry out joint research.


Liu Jiuru and his party first visited the display hall of iSoftStone, where they learned in detail about iSoftStone’s development history and recent innovative achievements in developing digital technology services, fostering the digital transformation of industries and the ITAI industry, etc. Afterwards, the two sides discussed and exchanged ideas on how to foster partnerships.

Liu Jiuru briefed on the primary business status of the Publishing House of Electronics Industry and Huaxin Institute, highlighting the fact that the Publishing House of Electronics Industry is a knowledge service organization with significant influence in China’s science and technology fields. It focuses primarily on the promotion of scientific and technological accomplishments and the publication of scientific and technological monographs, as well as on offering knowledge information services to the industry. Huaxin Institute is a core member of the MIIT Think Tanks, with a focus on tracking studies on integrated circuits, the ITAI industry, the digital economy, and the industrial partnerships along the “Belt and Road”. It provides research support for the creation of industrial policies by competent departments and consulting services for industry enterprises. As a pioneering enterprise in China’s software service industry, iSoftStone offers superior solutions for IT system operation and digital transformation across a variety of industries. Huaxin Institute and iSoftStone can collaborate in a variety of ways to conduct industry consulting, advance digital transformation in the industry, and work together to advance the development of the digital economy. Li Fangfang introduced the specific ideas of the partnerships between the Huaxin Institute and iSoftStone.

President Peng Qiang extended a warm welcome to the Liu Jiuru-led research team from Huaxin Institute doing research at iSoftStone. He stated that in recent years, iSoftStone has primarily focused on three key areas for its business: digital innovation business services, general technology services and digital operation construction, and has cultivated five key capability lines: consulting and solutions, cloud intelligence, intelligent terminals, industrial Internet, ITAI and OpenHarmony/openEuler promotion. With all of these businesses, iSoftStone has enjoyed a broad range of institutional and enterprise customer bases. And iSoftStone is eager to collaborate closely with Huaxin Institute. Director Zhang Xuming introduced iSoftStone’s current development strategies: first, to develop and strengthen partnerships with strategic key accounts and continuously expand the digital ecosystem; second, to actively lay out emerging industries and accelerate development in areas such as Fintech, intelligent automobiles, digital energy and intelligent manufacturing; and third, to continue to cement core operations and improve service capabilities for digital innovation.


Following extensive conversations and exchanges, the two sides came to an explicit agreement on collaborations in the following areas: First, Huaxin Institute may support iSoftStone in studying and summarizing various innovative achievements in recent years and planning and publishing a series of technical monographs; Second, iSoftStone’s Innovation Institute and Technology Research Institute will actively participate in the research projects undertaken by Huaxin Institute; Third, Huaxin Institute can collaborate with iSoftStone on research issues and consulting projects that promote digital transformation and industrial metaverse, as well as on international project collaboration under mechanisms such as Lancang-Mekong Cooperation and Shanghai Cooperation Organization to produce satisfactory achievements and better serve industry enterprises; Fourth, the two sides will jointly organize exchange seminars and research collaboration centered on the popularization and application of ITAI technology and ecosystem construction; Fifth, Huaxin Institute will be invited or entrusted to participate in the planning and implementation of iSoftStone’s marketing promotion and customer exchange activities.

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