iSoftStone’s Liu Tianwen: Industrial Internet is an Important Path for Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

On November 7, the 2022 Global Industrial Internet Conference themed “Enabling High-Quality Development,

Building the New Momentum”, kicked off in Shenyang. iSoftStone’s Chairman and CEO, was invited to attend the conference, where he participated in important events such as meetings with leaders of the Liaoning Provincial Government, the opening ceremony, the report conference. He also delivered a keynote speech titled the Digital Base for New Industrialization, in which he shared iSoftStone’s exploration and practice in the field of the industrial internet.

The value added to China’s industrial internet industry is estimated to reach RMB 4.1 trillion in 2021, growing nominally at a pace of 14.53%. According to the Development of a Digital Economy during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, there should be a rise in the use of industrial internet platforms and applications from 14.7% in 2020 to 45% in 2025. China’s industrial internet market size and potential have vast room for expansion.

Building a Demand-driven Digital Base for New Industrialization

Technological development, represented by the industrial internet, is powering the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises in a fresh wave of technical change. The supply chain of the global manufacturing industry has encountered significant challenges this year as a result of the turbulent international situations and the reoccurrence of epidemic outbreaks. In this context, a lot of manufacturing enterprises have turned their attention to the industrial internet in an effort to accelerate the pace of digital transformation through the deep integration of new-generation information technologies and the manufacturing industry.

“Industrial internet has entered the stage of practical utilization after years of development. Real-world business is used to gauge its effectiveness. Significant progress has been made in areas of industrial internet platforms and software, industrial interconnectivity and automation, industrial digital equipment, industrial internet networks, and industrial internet security”. Liu Tianwen stated, “iSoftStone’s industrial internet focuses on eight key industries, such as the power grid, petroleum, chemical engineering, biomedicine, automobile and spare parts and has formed low-cost solutions that can be copied and promoted in these industries to assist clients in achieving cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality upgrading, and stock reduction.”


The technical architecture of iSoftStone’s industrial internet platform is constructed by using distributed containers and containers to build the underlying flexible technical foundation, based on the reference architecture and methodology outlined in the MIIT’s White Paper on Industrial Internet. With the support of its consulting, finance, and ITAI service capabilities, iSoftStone has created a “horizontal and vertical” synergy that enables it to offer holistic solutions to manufacturing clients and function as their digital enabler.

Being Practical, Empowering the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing with Industrial Metaverse

Since 2021, iSoftStone has been vigorously developing the multiverse technologies, including industrial engineering. iSoftStone has developed a comprehensive industrial metaverse technology service system through ongoing investment, exploration, and innovation in the six core technologies of digital perception, digital computing, digital twins, digital platforms, digital reality, and digital networks. A new-generation industrial metaverse platform known as iSSMeta was developed by iSoftStone and tested in major domestic conglomerates in industries like cement and aluminum.

Comprehensive collaboration is required amongst all parties from “government, industry, academia, research, and application” in order to hasten the development and maturity of the industrial meta-universe. In this regard, iSoftStone actively participates in the preparation of standards, white papers and national patents of organizations such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Besides, iSoftStone works closely with industry alliances, associations, universities, and research institutions in order to assemble minds and strengths to support industrial development.

With ongoing development in the area of industrial metaverse, iSoftStone will fully promote the implementation and expansion of metaverse in the industrial field, improve industrial value creation, reconstruct the new ecosystem of digital industrial development, and empower the future of intelligent manufacturing.\

Fostering Collaboration and Assembling Ecosystem Might to Advance Industry Digitalization

As a result of the expansion of industrial internet into depth and breadth and the evolution of the cooperation model in the industrial chain and the supply chain, the industrial economy development will undoubtedly tear down barriers across enterprises and industries and eventually shift to a digital industry. Therefore, industrial internet cannot be completed by a single firm.

According to Liu Tianwen, there must be a consensus on “You win to have me, and i win to have you” in the digital era. Cooperation and the division of labor are required, but co-creation, co-building, co-prosperity, and co-survival are even more crucial. iSoftStone strives to build a symbiotic eco-partner system with independent control and collaborative development. Along with its partners, iSoftStone will serve the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

In the future, iSoftStone will steadfastly foster ecosystem collaboration and actively work with governments, clients, partners, and other parties to advance the digital and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry and support the high-quality development of digital economy.

Resonating with the Industry, Securing a Foothold in Liaoning

iSoftStone is a participant and witness of China’s ICT industry and one of the first pioneers in information technology development. From the beginning of being informationalized and online, to being mobile and networked, to today’s digitalization and intelligence, iSoftStone has always actively embraced the changes of the times, and remained true to its initial goal of making China’s information technology service industry one of the best in the world. Over time, the company has developed into a trustworthy partner for digital transformation of enterprises. One could conclude that the company’s ten-year growth history is a microcosm of China’s ICT industry, which has struggled to catch up and then achieved leapfrog development.

Currently, iSoftStone has been heavily involved in the smart and informatization industries of numerous industries/enterprises in Liaoning Province. It intends to further increase its regional layout and partnerships in Liaoning and continues developing a series of future-oriented green and low-carbon businesses with industrial leadership, cohesion and explosive power. This will help Liaoning to lay out new energy supplies, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and other future green industries, and build a future-oriented green and low-carbon industrial highland in Northeast China.

The next phase will see iSoftStone continue to expand its business in Liaoning and contribute its digital power to promote the high-quality development of Liaoning’s industrial economy.

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