828 B2B Enterprise Festival丨Digital Power, Transform Together • iSoftStone’s “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day Summit Kicked off Successfully

On September 17, iSoftStone’s “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day Summit themed “Digital Power, Transform Together”, successfully kicked off in Beijing. This summit follows the vision of the “828 B2B Enterprise Festival” to do a good business and become a good enterprise, and brings together business elites, technology experts, pioneering enterprises, ecosystem partners and other parties via “offline meeting + online live broadcasting”. It focuses on the most prevalent concerns about the digital transformation of industries/enterprises, and common pursuit of innovative development in digital transformation.

At the summit, Xu Jinsheng, deputy secretary general of China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry, Zhang Xiuzheng, vice president of Huawei China and president of Huawei Cloud China, Tao Zhiqiang, vice president of Huawei Cloud China and director of Ecosystem and Partnership Development Department of Huawei Cloud China, Gao Feng, director of Ecosystem Development Department of Huawei Cloud China, Li Hong, executive director of Sinosteel Asset Management Limited, Li Jie, vice president of Easyhome New Retail Group and general manager of Doorverse, Yan Jun, IT director of Lenovo Global Supply Chain, Ma Kai, general manager of Solution Center of 360 Enterprise Security Group, and executives of iSoftStone, including Liu Tianwen, chairman and CEO, Huang Ying, director, Liu Huifu, CTO, and Xia Jie, senior vice president, were invited to witness the opening of the “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day.


Digital Innovation Greeting Transformation, Together Building a Good Enterprise

Digitalization is not just a trend of the times, but also a national strategy, and it has been widely accepted throughout the development of all enterprises.

According to Xu Jinsheng, a consensus has been achieved at all social levels on the promotion and support of the digital economy development. Under the new situation, a top priority of the present digital transformation is to use digital technologies to speed the transformation and reshaping of the operation model, business model, and service process of traditional industries/enterprises while fully exploiting policy advantages and technical advantages. The three key elements of digital transformation, from point to point, local to global, and in stages, are users, data, and resources. None of the three should be overlooked in the ongoing digital transformation process. To build a digital ecosystem, it is required to place the user at the center, be data-driven, and integrate internal and external resources.

2.jpegiSoftStone, a leading provider of digital technology services in China, feels strongly about this. According to Liu Tianwen, in the age of the digital economy, market competition is shifting from individual competition to ecosystem competition. As a result, enterprises must continually integrate their own technologies and experiences as well as advantageous resources for industries in order to adapt to the new environment and situation through ecosystem synergy. In order to put value creation for clients into practice, iSoftStone works to develop a full-stack digital service capability including “transformation consulting + product innovation and development + application integration + delivery support + intelligent operation and maintenance”. Through business resonance, complementarity and mutual benefit throughout the five years of partnership with Huawei Cloud, the two sides have created a great number of benchmark cases, and achieved exceptional successes in attracting enterprises to the cloud, laying solid groundwork for future development.


Zhang Xiuzheng summarized the challenges faced by enterprises undergoing digital transformation. He claimed that because each enterprise’s dilemma is unique and varied, there is a need for a more comprehensive platform for scenario applications in order to accomplish integration and innovation in the dilemma. The “828 B2B Enterprise Festival”, which is jointly created by Huawei Cloud and iSoftStone, in collaboration with 30,000 ecosystem partners, is held for this reason. iSoftStone’s “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day is also an opportunity to assist clients in achieving quick digital transformation. These initiatives are highly effective at creating new value for the industry. The moment when Huawei Cloud and iSoftStone were in the same boat is still fresh in the minds, and both sides will continue to collaborate in the future to enable more enterprises to enjoy digital benefits.


In the launch part of the Enterprise Action Day, Huang Ying delivered a speech with the title “Transformation Starts Here, the Future Takes off from Here”. He claimed that August 28 and September 17, once ordinary days, are now endowed with remarkable significance due to digital innovation and transformation. Together, Huawei Cloud, iSoftStone, and a number of partners will transform it into a digital service platform and connector, and jointly eliminate the pain points of digital transformation that cause enterprises to be “afraid to transform”, “unaware of how to transform”, and “struggling to adhere to transformation”.


Pulling Together, Assisting Business Connecting to the Cloud

Banding together when things are tough, now is the time. The “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day Summit also featured a special ceremony to celebrate the fifth anniversary of partnership between Huawei Cloud and iSoftStone. The ceremony was witnessed by Tao Zhiqiang and Gao Feng from Huawei, as well as Huang Ying and Liu Huifu from iSoftStone. Following five years of intensive collaboration, Huawei Cloud and iSoftStone have developed a comprehensive and tightly-coupled business collaboration system in the areas of technology innovation, market development, cloud services, and support. Supported by independent innovation and industry accumulation, iSoftStone has developed complete cloud service and solution capabilities. In order to help businesses connect to the cloud, the two sides have worked together to develop a variety of service solutions, industry solutions, and products for finance, insurance, retail, industrial engineering, and other sectors, creating a genuine win-win situation and co-creation.


According to Tao Zhiqiang, Huawei’s vision and mission is to make the digital world accessible to every individual, every family and every organization, and to create an intelligent and interconnected world. Huawei Cloud is glad to have partners like iSoftStone to brainstorm ways to support the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises on the long road to digitalization, effectively address their issues, and help them do a good business and become a good enterprise.


Xia Jie of iSoftStone stated that the cloud strategy would support business strategies and technology strategies of enterprises as a crucial cornerstone. Together, iSoftStone and Huawei Cloud have conducted deep cooperation in seven dimensions and developed leading full-stack cloud intelligence capabilities covering “technology, research, sales, and service,” which will support businesses in their digital and commercial innovation.


Future expansions in the breadth and depth of relationships will enable iSoftStone to continue working with Huawei Cloud to deliver full life cycle services driven by cloud-native + AI technology innovation and end-to-end consulting in major cities and industries. The two sides will keep pushing the boundaries of models and applications, support industrial innovation, take advantage of digital transformation opportunities, forge ahead together, and jointly increase business value for clients.

Sharing Digital Transformation Outcomes Based on Constant Updating

A long-term investment in technology, a keen sense of following the trend, and an appropriate modern management model, reinforced by management’s well-considered decisions, are the keys to the success of many enterprises in digital transformation. Leaders of several prominent companies from diverse industries, including Sinosteel, Easyhome, Lenovo Group, and 360 Group, shared their experiences and digital transformation outcomes.





Li Hong of Sinosteel Asset Management Limited stated that digital transformation is crucial for central government-owned enterprises to become world-class enterprises. Since the introduction of the concept, digital transformation has moved into the critical implementation stage. Therefore, it is essential to create a single policy for each enterprise, establish the direction and goal of digital transformation as soon as possible, and explore paths and methods for digital transformation.

Starting from digital transformation in the home furnishing retail industry, Li Jie of Easyhome stated that Easyhome embraces digitalization and effectively resolves the issues of complex consumer behavior and a lengthy delivery cycle chain in the home decoration and furnishing industry. Easyhome has developed a whole industry chain service platform for home decoration and furnishing that provides consumers with a better and comprehensive consumer experience.

According to Yan Jun of Lenovo Group, the in-deep application of new-generation information technology and full acceleration of digital transformation are a must for businesses to survive and thrive in the new era. In the face of the epidemic’s normalization, parts shortages, and many uncertainties in the macro environment, the development of the enterprise’s own digital core will display terrific flexibility and resilience in the significant challenges to produce more business opportunities.

Ma Kai of 360 Group believed that the core essence is a software-defined world in which everything is programmable, everything is interconnected, and big data drives businesses. Large firms lack an understanding of the threats to network-wide security, while small and medium-sized businesses find it challenging to staff network security personnel. Therefore, the development of a collection of security and service systems with “visibility” as the core can assist all enterprises in resolving security issues and easing the burden of their security expenditure.



Finally, iSoftStone’s CTO Liu Huifu unveiled new products and solutions for digital transformation. The launch part presented a novel product launch experience with the use of a virtual digital person named “iSiSi”. The latest offerings from iSoftStone span emerging strategic industries and digital innovation businesses, involving cloud intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, data mid-end platform, metaverse, digital twins and other fields. Based on these technologies, an expert service provider may assist businesses in overcoming the challenges of digital transformation, enabling a broad range of industries to enter the new age of digital development.

In the future, the market for the digital economy will continue to expand, and for businesses to achieve integration and innovation, they will need to assemble the power of numerous parties and embrace the digital ecosystem. The “917 Transformation” Enterprise Action Day is intended to serve as a new jumping-off point for iSoftStone to engage more partners in the development of a new win-win industrial ecosystem and collectively contribute to the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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