2022 HDC: iSoftStone’s Serverless Services in Practice, Speeding up Digital Transformation of Businesses

The Huawei Developer Conference 2022 (Together) was held on November 4 at Songshan Lake, Dongguan, under the theme “Innovation for the Future,” bringing together a large number of developers and partners. iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “iSoftStone”) was invited to attend the conference and won the “Best Ecosystem Service Provider for 2022 of Huawei Developer Alliance” for its Serverless-based full-stack services and multi-scenario application practices in collaboration with the Developer Alliance. Jiang Panfeng, director of iSoftStone’s Consumer Ecosystem Business, delivered a keynote speech - “Serverless Services in Practice, Speeding up Digital Transformation of Businesses” - and shared the company’s ecosystem co-building practices with many developers and partners.


Facilitating Efficient Application Development

As enterprise digitalization accelerates, an increasing number of applications must be built quickly to respond to market demands. Serverless is the leading computing paradigm for application ecosystems, enabling developers to focus on business logic in order to achieve leapfrog productivity improvement, and helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency in application development owing to its maintenance-free, low-cost, fast go-live and cross-platform advantages. It has become a cutting-edge technology and strategic direction that major vendors are vying for.

Based on Serverless, HUAWEI AppGallery Connect offers full life cycle services for mobile applications through a management console, cross-end SDK, and Rest API. As of September 30, 2022, HUAWEI AppGallery Connect offered a total of 123 services in China and 86 services abroad.

The five major construction services of Serverless, including authentication service, cloud function, cloud database, cloud storage, and cloud hosting, support elastic scalability, and have characteristics such as end-cloud collaboration, data security, high performance, and low cost. Serverless, which greatly increases the productivity of application development, has provided the most promising direction for the development of cloud computing technology, and will undoubtedly become the future development model in an intelligent and digital society.


Jiang Panfeng, Director of iSoftStone’s Consumer Ecosystem Business was delivering a speech

Providing Full-stack Quality Services

iSoftStone has a close partnership with Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Developer Alliance. Based on the Serverless capabilities provided by HUAWEI AppGallery Connect, iSoftStone actively investigates relevant application scenarios and provides one-stop solutions for clients. iSoftStone has developed mature application practices in the fields of social e-commerce, smart travel, smart office, and others.

To address the challenges of real applications, iSoftStone provides efficient development solutions of Serverless applications for numerous partners through the technical capabilities of Serverless, including user authentication and login, rapid application building and one-click website deployment. iSoftStone will work with Developer Alliance to build a complete end-cloud integrated capability and create a full-scenario, high-efficiency and low-cost Serverless competitiveness based on its craftsmanship and innovation.

Working Together to Build A Prosperous Ecosystem

Serverless-based application scenarios are becoming prevalent, and innovations are emerging. With Serverless serving as the technical backbone and the Terminal Developer Alliance platform as the carrier, iSoftStone offers partners a flexible business mid-end platform and a variety of front-end adaptations to build high-quality products and services quickly. iSoftStone will continue to concentrate on five key sectors, including smart home, sports and health, smart travel, smart office, and audio and video entertainment, to open up all scenarios and multi-path channels, provide partners with comprehensive technical services, and build industry benchmark products.

Software development has undergone a quantum leap thanks to Serverless. Together with Huawei, iSoftStone will develop industry-benchmark solutions, establish itself as a prominent ecosystem partner, and share a prosperous digital future.


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