2022 Global Industrial Internet Conference丨iSoftStone Secures its Foothold in Liaoning and Promotes High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry Based on Industrial Internet

On November 7, the 2022 Global Industrial Internet Conference, co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Association for Science and Technology, and the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, kicked off in Shenyang. The conference presented a panoramic view of the robust vitality of global digital transformation and industrial internet development. Liu Tianwen, chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, led a team to attend the conference and participated in important events such as meetings with leaders of the Liaoning provincial government, the opening ceremony, and report conference. iSoftStone was fully involved in this conference by having its technical experts give speeches at several special forums and showcase its digital transformation and industrial internet solutions at the innovation achievement exhibition.

Building a Digital Base for New Industrialization

The new industrial and economic models based on the industrial internet are emerging as the keys to China’s production and economic recovery after suffering turbulent international situations and recurrent epidemic outbreaks. A lot of manufacturing enterprises have turned their attention to the industrial internet in an effort to accelerate the pace of digital transformation through the deep integration of new-generation information technologies and the manufacturing industry.

Liu Tianwen pointed out in his keynote speech at the conference that the industrial internet is an important path and method for digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and it has entered the stage of practical utilization after years of development. In response to customer needs, iSoftStone focuses its industrial internet efforts on eight key industries, including the electricity and power grid, petroleum, chemical engineering, biomedicine, automobile and spare parts and has formed low-cost solutions that can be copied and promoted in these industries to assist clients in achieving cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality upgrading, and stock reduction.


Contributing to the High-quality Development of Liaoning’s Industrial Economy

Wu Jiang, senior vice president of iSoftStone, stated in a media interview that since the founding of the company in 2005, iSoftStone has adhered to the operation philosophy of being rooted in China and serving the global market, continuously deepening mutually beneficial partnerships with different cities, and achieving the same rate of development with the cities in which it is present. iSoftStone is currently heavily involved in the smart and informatization industries of various industries/enterprises in Liaoning Province. iSoftStone intends to further increase its regional layout and partnerships in Liaoning, build a digital energy-centered production and innovation center for industries involved in the double carbon goal, as well as a production and innovation center for industrial internet, and create a nationwide industrial talent integration training base in an effort to contribute its digital power to promote the high-quality development of Liaoning’s industrial economy.


Promoting the Innovative Development of Industrial Software

Li Xiangqian, senior deputy president of iSoftStone, was invited to the Industrial Software Symposium of the 2022 Global Industrial Internet Conference, which was held on the evening of November 7. At the symposium, government officials, academicians, scholars, and representatives of industry-leading enterprises exchanged ideas and expressed their opinions on the development status of China’s industrial software, existing issues, development proposals and other aspects. They also made recommendations on how to foster high-quality development of industrial software and accelerate the building of a strong manufacturing country, a strong network country, and a digital China.

 Li Xiangqian said in his speech that industrial infrastructure software is vital to industrial development, and to a certain extent, it solves the containment issues of industrial manufacturing. The process of building a strong manufacturing country will be sped up by the union of industrial infrastructure software and industrial internet. The development of the industrial ecosystem for industrial software entails the integrated development of industry, academia, research and application, the promotion of the construction and operation of industrial internet industrial parks, and the assembly of production-oriented services ecosystems centered on intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet to provide comprehensive public services for industries.


Discussing the New Path of Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation

At the “Forum on Industrial Metauniverse Industry Development”, Luo Dongmei, deputy president of iSoftStone Technology Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled Industrial Digital Twins Promote Metauniverse System Construction. According to her, the industrial internet gives rise to the industrial metauniverse, whose impact links include internal R&D, production, logistics and management and extend to upstream supply chains, downstream distribution channels, after-sales service and maintenance systems as well as external partnerships. Digital twins empower the high-quality development of the industrial metauniverse in terms of spatial empowerment, technological empowerment, interaction empowerment and business data. With the use of the mature underlying digital twin technology, iSoftStone has constructed a platform-based technological system for the metaverse and delivered a trustworthy platform and unique services to industries.


On the “Industrial Internet + Park” forum, He Haisheng, deputy president of iSoftStone, delivered a speech titled Zero-carbon Industrial Park in Industry 4.0 Era - iSoftStone’s Digital Intelligence Practice in “Carbon Management”. Starting from the enterprise’s demand for the “most cost-effective carbon reduction”, He Haisheng shared iSoftStone’s concept of exploring energy saving and carbon reduction construction, and assisting managers in building capabilities in “continuous supervision, peak projection and closed-loop emission reduction”. The double carbon control tower product of iSoftStone addresses five aspects: source, carbon, management, optimization and service, and has a carbon emission accounting module based on energy consumption collection. This module can intelligently identify the carbon accounting boundaries and emission sources of enterprises according to authoritative domestic and international accounting methods, calculate real-time carbon emissions, pinpoint carbon emission situations, comprehend the law of carbon emission changes, and assist managers in developing emission reduction plans. 4.jpg

On the forum of “Industrial Internet + Equipment Manufacturing”, Xi Bin, a senior consultant of iSoftStone Consulting, delivered a keynote speech titled “Industrial Internet Transformation and Upgrading in the Manufacturing Industry”. According to him, the advancement of technology has resulted in constant productivity improvement, and the manufacturing industry has undergone constant transformations as a result of efforts to increase productivity and profitability. The current transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry are confronted with the following challenges: unclear data management and challenges with data silo integration in non-digital native enterprises; challenges with expanding and upgrading outdated technology platforms; a lack of digital talents to support digital transformation; and challenges with ongoing change. With its eight major capability lines including enterprise digital transformation, data enablement, and smart manufacturing, iSoftStone Consulting seizes the opportunity to offer tailored digital transformation consulting services for enterprises, reaching out to many industries like manufacturing, transportation, and retail.


Empowering Transformation and Upgrading of the Manufacturing Industry with Digital Technology

As an important part of the Global Industrial Internet Conference, the innovation achievement exhibition focused on cutting-edge technologies, application scenarios and typical cases of industrial internet. The exhibition area featured a holistic display of iSoftStone’s key industry solutions and digital innovation businesses, showcasing the company’s leading digital technologies and service capabilities in three dimensions.


The industrial internet portion of the booth shows in detail iSSMeta, a new-generation industrial metauniverse platform developed by iSoftStone, whose underlying deployment is above the blockchain platform to guarantee digital security and traceability and support partners and developers for secondary development. Currently, the iSSMeta platform has been implemented and verified in large domestic group corporations in industries like aluminum and cement.

In terms of key industry solutions, iSoftStone Fintech’s high-performance computing platform, improved intelligent analysis platform, integrated service platform for fee control, power USP unified service platform for digital energy, as well as manufacturing, supply chain management, intelligent cockpit and new marketing of intelligent automobiles were all on display and garnered a great deal of attention.

In the exhibition area, iSoftStone’s service capabilities in the fields of consulting, cloud intelligence, intelligent terminals, AIoT, and ITAI were all on display. With the support of its industrial internet base, iSoftStone has created a “horizontal and vertical” synergy that enables it to offer holistic solutions to manufacturing clients and function as their digital enabler.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue to bolster its business layout in the field of industrial internet, and collaborate with industrial ecosystem partners to jointly promote the digital and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry and empower the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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