Accession of iSoftStone to the World’s First International Metaverse Standards Consortium to Continuously Drive Industrial Metaverse

Recently, iSoftStone has officially joined the Metaverse Standards Forum, the world’s first international metaverse standards consortium. The Forum, established in June 2022, is led by the Khronos Group and currently includes 37 domestic and foreign technology giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Epic, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Sony, Huawei and Ali, with the aim of carrying out industry-wide cooperation around the interoperability standards required for building an open metaverse, and promoting the development of metaverse standards.


In 2022, under the background of national digital transformation, a new era of metaverse industry is opening, and related industries are facing new development opportunities. As a leading software and information technology service provider in China, iSoftStone has built a new generation of digital twin platform of iSoftStone industrial metaverse – IssMeta based on its core strengths in the enterprise side and the needs of different scenarios, relying on its deep cultivation and accumulation in the industry and emerging technology fields in recent years.

AI, big data and mechanism simulation modeling and other cutting-edge technologies can be integrated through the platform, the information, technology, equipment and industrial complex management needs can be organically combined, and multiple business fields such as equipment operation monitoring, data interaction and linkage, inspection management digitization, process simulation and parameter intelligent optimization, and analogue simulation emergency training are covered, realizing real-time mapping, perception, analysis, prediction and monitoring of factories, helping enterprises improve their digital capabilities and management level, and assisting manufacturing enterprises in building “green intelligent factories”.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue to actively embrace the metaverse, and further plan the industrial metaverse in terms of technological innovation, industrial cultivation, ecological cooperation, etc., to help upgrade traditional industries and enable “Smart Future”.

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