Work Together to Create a Panorama of Machine Vision Industry and Enable Thousands of Industries to Speed Up Intelligently

On August 8, Huawei Machine Vision Industry Summit and New Product Launch Conference 2022 was held in Yan’an, during which, Huawei Machine Vision Corps On August 8, Huawei Machine Vision Industry Summit and New Product Launch Conference 2022 was held in Yan’an, during which, Huawei Machine Vision Corps announced the strategic upgrading with an aim to deepen the machine vision industry with new market strategy, new product portfolio, new service strategy and new ecosystem, and also concentrated on solving problems of AI implementation and accelerate the process through the evolution of the whole chain of architecture, products, and ecology. Liu Huifu, CTO of iSoftStone, Wu Jiang, the Senior Vice President, and Yang Keyu, the General Manager of Sales Management Department of the Major Customer Business Groups were invited to attend the conference to discuss the new space of machine vision industry.


As an indispensable part of the perception industry, machine vision ranks as the largest application scenario of artificial intelligence, and is the key capability of digital infrastructure and the entrance to the intelligent world. In recent years, China’s machine vision market has maintained an average growth rate of 20% for a long time, and the growth rate of China’s machine vision market exceeded 45% in 2021. GGII prediction shows that the machine vision market size in China is expected to exceed RMB 38 billion by 2025.

Machine vision involves several industries and diversified demands, with downstream application market highly fragmented and customized. For AI implementation, there also arise many challenges, such as difficult algorithm solidification and iteration, few scenarios with multiple choices, complex engineering and high cost as well as difficult technology combination. Work together with partners to build a more vibrant ecosystem is necessary to “accelerate AI implementation and expand industrial space”. Therefore, Huawei intends to provide a more open and win-win ecosystem, establish a broader, closer and healthier in-depth cooperation model with its partners, help partners to achieve transformation from “box carrying” to “joint entrepreneurship”, and work together to achieve technological co-construction, commercial win-win and lead industrial development.

Being a long-term partner, iSoftStone has closely cooperated with Huawei in many fields and has laid a solid cooperation foundation in machine vision. With profound accumulation of AI technology and rich experience in manufacturing, medical care, education, parks and other industries, iSoftStone will carry out in-depth cooperation with Huawei Machine Vision Corps in joint product research and development, industrial scheme innovation and implementation, regional marketing and other aspects, so as to jointly promote the implementation of AI scenarios and enable thousands of industries to speed up intelligently.


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