By Deep Cooperation with iSoftStone, NETLINKZ Brings New Private Network Experience to Chinese Users

On September 2, the 2022 Loongson Industrial Ecology Conference was held in Suzhou. SWANLINK, a subsidiary of iSoftStone, was invited to attend the summit. Centering on the theme of “autonomous ‘core’ architecture • connecting to the new future”, the conference was hosted by Loongson Technology CorporationLimitedandcosponsored by the China Electric Power Promotion Council and Security Research Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Wu Hongxin, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Expert in control theory and control engineering, Zheng Weimin, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other industry experts and scholars, as well as major scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, industry organizations, SWANLINK and other ecological partnerships, gathered together to give advice and suggestions on the construction of the national autonomous industrial ecosystem and accelerate the building of the confidence and ability for China’s autonomous, safe, controllable and stable development in key infrastructure fields and industrial digitalization to further seize the commanding heights in the new round of global industrial competition.


Qin Zhangbo, General Manager of SWANLINK, delivered a speech entitled “End the Lack of Chip and Spirit and Create A Win-Win Future Together” on the main forum of the conference. Starting from the three stages of the domestic scientific and technological development of “lack of chip and spirit”, Qin Zhangbo deeply analyzed the development and transformation from the era of the mobile Internet to the era of Internet of Everything and introduced the planning and development direction of SWANLINK in the aspect of “strengthening the development of chip and spirit”.

Accompanied by the acceleration of industrial digitalization, the industrial control system has entered into the “nervous centralis” of national key infrastructure. As the industry leader of OpenHarmony ecological development, SWANLINK will complete the Harmony adaptation of some chips of the Loongson-2 and Loongson-1 series represented by 2K1000 this year together with Loongson Technology from the autonomous and controllable aspect, reliable data and unified standards. In 2023, SWANLINK also plans to realize the Harmony adaptation of some chips of Loongson-3 and promote the access of edge and terminal devices to the OpenHarmony ecosystem together with Loongson to further create an autonomous and reliable industrial Internet ecosystem of SwanLinkOS+Loongson with reliable data and unified standards and provide a full-stack solution from chips to applications for the sustainable development of the national information industry.

As a subsidiary of iSoftStone, SWANLINK has actively deployed in the OpenHarmony ecological and innovation fields, leading to the comprehensive localization of CPU replacement, operating system replacement and high-end database. Chip open-source field: two mainstream chips, RK3399 and T507, have been integrated into the OpenHarmony backbone, adding new energy to the ecological construction of open-source projects. The direction of OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation results: 5 development boards (Yangfan series, Qihang series, Qihong series), 2 software release versions (SwanLinkOS commercial display release version, traffic release version), and 2 commercial products (Zhixing electronic sentry and Zhixing gate machine) have obtained OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificates. The MineHarmony terminal equipment developed by SwanLinkOS and Loongson Technology - Loongson intelligent tunneling controller will be applied in the mining field soon and the autonomous ecology of the MineHarmony will continue to flourish.

SWANLINK will join hands with Loongson Technology to continuously deepen all-round cooperation in chip, industry and talent education. The OpenHarmony’s distributed soft bus and unified standard protocol will be used for realizing the interconnection between terminal devices and edge gateway devices, improving the metadata unification and multi-terminal vertical communication efficiency between devices, and building an autonomous industrial Internet ecosystem with reliable data and unified standards. In addition, the SwanLinkOS “spirit development” and Loongson “chip development” will be connected to drive the full-autonomous, controllable and sound development of software and hardware in the field of the industrial Internet.

In the future, SWANLINK and Loongson will take the OpenHarmony operating system as an opportunity and adhere to the collaborative development of industry-learning-research-application and the path of developing the “chip” and spirit independently. Centering on SwanLinkOS and Loongson chips, SwanLinkOS and Loongson will continue to deepen cooperation in terms of hardware ecology, software ecology, industry, and user ecology and provide “root” technology for China’s autonomous industrial ecology with an autonomous, safe, and controllable digital basis to help the high-quality development of industrial informatization, empower the digital economy and help build a digital power.

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