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In the afternoon of July 27, one of the six theme summits for 2022 Global Digital Economy Conferences, i.e., 2022 OpenAtom OpenHarmony sub-forum was opened grandly at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. With “Internet of Everything, Enabling Numerous Industries” as the them, this sub-forum was hosted by OpenAtom Foundation and participated in by OpenHarmony Working Committee, iSoftStone etc., showing the development achievements of OpenHarmony in numerous industries, prosperous ecological environment and the latest technical progress.  


In this conference, three sectors (topic sharing, public experience area, acknowledgement and awarding) were set to show the development achievements of OpenHarmony in various industries, prosperous ecological environment and the latest technical breakthroughs. On the opening ceremony, Sun Wenlong (general secretary of OpenAtom Foundation), Feng Guanlin (vice general secretary of OpenAtom Foundation), Hou Peixin (online) (president of the Working Committee of OpenAtom Foundation) and other key guests attended the conference, and made speeches. Meanwhile, Qin Zhangbo (Senior Vice President of iSoftStone & General Manager of SwanLink) was invited to make the keynote speech. 

With rapid development of global digitalization progress, operating system becomes the core dynamics accelerating the construction of digital economy as a key digital infrastructure. In this unprecedented change, SwanLink (iSoftStone’s subsidiary) has always adhered to the innovations and industrial services for Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, and has been promoting the IoT innovations and ecological innovations to create value for customers on the basis of applications of OpenHarmony release version.


On the conference, Qin Zhangbo made the speech with a theme of “Walk steady to reach the distance, SwanLink OpenHarmony commercial enabling sharing”, proposed the view that “SwanLink takes charge of development of open-source strategies of iSoftStone, and it is the unwavering participant, contributor, preacher and communicator of OpenHarmony ecology”. He also shared the efforts and innovations of SwanLink in aspects of open-source ecosystem, industry release version, and whole industry chain ecosystem and full stack services of chips. SwanLink has developed and launched 5 OpenHarmony development boards, 2 industry release versions, and 4 commercial products. Qin Zhangbo displayed the layout and breakthrough of SwanLink in car-mounted terminal, industrial IoT, ecological innovation of full-scene IoT etc.


In the acknowledgement and awarding link, iSoftStone was awarded 2022 Top 10 Contributors of OpenAtom OpenHarmony Code and 100-person Code Contributions of OpenAtom OpenHarmony, OpenHarmony Eco-Pilot Contributions (Software Release Version), OpenHarmony Eco-Pilot Contributions (Commercial Device), OpenHarmony Eco-Pilot Contributions (Development Board) and Individual Contribution for OpenHarmony Eco-Pilot , marking that iSoftStone has become a leader in open-source eco-innovation team from a participant of open-source ecological construction. Up to now, in the open-source contribution of OpenHarmony, iSoftStone has contributed a full set of codes for XR806, Allwinner 507, Rockchip 3399 and other chips in the OpenHarmony master repository, and its code contribution is more than one million lines. 



iSoftStone set an independent exhibition area in the open-source corridor. For the latest R&D achievements of OpenHarmony, SwanLink exhibited intelligent development kits for different industries and fields - Qihang, Qihong, Yangfan series, covering all types of products from lightweight system to standard system, and applicable to personal consumption, medical, finance, energy, industry, transportation and other industries; meanwhile, SwanLink integrated epidemic prevention and access to create one-stop smart traffic solutions on the basis of SwanLinkOS commercial display release versions of the intelligent gate and intelligent electronic sentry developed by OpenHarmony. At present, the electronic sentry has passed the certification of ecological product compatibility of OpenHarmony and applied in Wuxi Lingxi Code and Shenzhen Yuekang Code and is successfully applied in commercial scenes; advertising machines and catering all-in-one machines based on SwanLinkOS commercial display release version were also displayed in the exhibition area and won good reputations from massive guests in the exhibition. 

In the future, iSoftStone will cooperate with its subsidiary SwanLink to continuously explore in ecological construction, industry enabling and industrialization of OpenHarmony, walk steady to reach the distance and make contributions in enabling digital transformation for thousands of industries! 

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