iSoftStone ISSCloud Multi-cloud Management System Selected into CNCF Cloud Native Landscape

Recently, ISSCloud multi-cloud management system has been included in the “Scheduling & Orchestration” section of CNCF Landscape, the second time iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) has been shortlisted for CNCF Cloud Native Landscape after passing Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) certification, further strengthening its role in the cloud native field.


Launched in November 2016, CNCF Landscape, a crucial project in CNCF, aims to provide a resource map for cloud native users, facilitate understanding of cloud native system by enterprises and developers, and help users at different component levels to select proper software and tools. The CNCF Landscape contains products and solutions featuring high maturity, wide application and best practices in the CNCF community.

ISSCloud, a multi-cloud management system developed by iSoftStone with cloud native technology, intends to offer unified heterogeneous resource self-service and operation management capabilities for enterprise-level cloud management platforms characterized by multi-public cloud and public-private hybrid cloud scenarios, and has centralized resource management and control, automated resource delivery, intelligent operation analysis and operation and maintenance management capabilities, which can significantly reduce the management cost of hybrid cloud. Additionally, ISSCloud integrates planning consultation, application implementation, customized development, active operation and maintenance and other services in the cloud MSP management service system of iSoftStone, realizes unified management of resources, deployment, configuration and operation and maintenance, and builds an agile, safe and transparent cloud digital service delivery process.

Based on ISSCloud multi-cloud management system, iSoftStone will actively partner with industry strategic partners to build a comprehensive cloud native product and service system, introduce industry cloud native products and solutions, form best practices, and accelerate industry promotion and replication in the mode of benchmark cases to facilitate digital transformation of more industry customers.

iSoftStone will also intensify its efforts in the open source community, and continue to contribute to the prosperity of the cloud native field.

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