Ecosystem prosperity ▏iSoftStone receives OpenHarmony Compatibility Certification

Recently, iSoftStone's "Yangfan" inclusive device development board successfully passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony (“OpenHarmony”) compatibility test and obtained the compatibility certification, marking the company’s ability in OpenHarmony R&D and innovation, and contributions to the prosperity of OpenHarmony ecosystem.


iSoftStone now owns three ecosystem products that have passed the compatibility certification. It intensified efforts in upgrading its system service capability, hardware design capability and R&D and innovation capability to offer professional development guidance, sound development experience and richer scene selection for developers and technical talents to quickly master OpenHarmony professional skills and engage in OpenHarmony technology and ecosystem development. 

As a brand-new, new generation, open source and open operating system, OpenHarmony supports the mini system, small system and standard system. "Yangfan", a standard system, features higher interface standards, faster transmission speed and more stable performance, can be applied in industrial hosts and various terminals in the field of commercial display, and can provide faster computing speed and better visual effects. 



Apart from “Yangfan”, two development suites have also passed OpenHarmony compatibility test.

The "Qihang" series development board, a mini system featuring low hardware cost and simple development, is developed for micro and small businesses to facilitate their digital transformation and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. 

iSoftStone makes good use of OpenHarmony to empower talent construction, incubate OpenHarmony product projects, and continuously launch OpenHarmony solutions. Its R&D achievements have become crucial support for the ecological development and prosperity of OpenHarmony. In the future, iSoftStone, together with the co-construction units of OpenHarmony Project Team, will contribute more to OpenHarmony open-source projects in terms of technology research and development, ecological expansion and community co-construction. 

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