iSoftStone Huawei Cloud 2021 Annual Summary and Partner Commendation Meeting successfully held

On January 11, 2022, iSoftstone Huawei Cloud 2021 Annual Summary and Partner Commendation Meeting came to an end

On January 11, 2022, iSoftstone Huawei Cloud 2021 Annual Summary and Partner Commendation Meeting came to an end in Wuhan. Zhiqiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China and Director of Ecology and Partner Development of Huawei Cloud China, participated in the meeting through video recording. Representatives of the Cloud Business Development Department of Huawei Hubei Representative Office, multiple ISV ecological partners and elite

 service providers, as well as Ying Huang, Vice Chairman of iSoftstone, and business backbones of Huawei Cloud attended the meeting. 

Since the launch of Huawei Cloud ecosystem business, iSoftstone has intensified efforts in over ten provinces and cities in China, effectively opening up the market and achieving a great breakthrough from 0 to 1. 


At the meeting, Tao thanked iSoftstone for its support and trust in Huawei Cloud as always, and congratulated iSoftstone for its achievements in 2021. He said that iSoftstone Huawei Cloud Team has set up a full-time service team within one year, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in professional fields such as digital transformation consulting, industry solutions, major enterprise customers, cloud ecosystem business and CMSP. In the future, the two sides will make great efforts in SI and CMSP services, help SaaS partners build and strengthen their core capabilities of customer-oriented business scenarios, and bring practical value to customers. 

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In his speech, Huang said that the development of Huawei Cloud business of iSoftStone cannot be separated from the guidance and care of Chairman TW Liu, strong support of Huawei Cloud and full assistance of ISV ecological partners and elite service providers, and even more, it cannot be separated from the hard work of all team members. He hoped that in 2022, the team will continue to give full play the strengths of iSoftStone in technological innovation, resource supply, industry accumulation, full-stack digital service capability, etc., and join hands with Huawei Cloud and ecological partners to drive elite service providers and promote the ecological growth of Huawei Cloud. 

Ecological partners are the important support for iSoftstone to expand the cloud service market. At the meeting, iSoftstone awarded “Hardship-Sharing Award” to three ISV ecological partners, including Shanghai Weaver Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Weaver”), Chanjet Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chanjet”) and Wuhan Chuxin Technology Co., Ltd.; awarded “Excellence Award” to eight annual elite service providers, including Hangzhou Shanhui, Beijing Transtrue, Hubei Chuangxi, Wuhan Zhongcheng Excellence, Wuhan Yihe Ruifu, Jiangxi Duanfeng, Fujian Lingyihao and Guangzhou Smart Cloud. 


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Meanwhile, iSoftstone formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Weaver and Chanjet. Yanbin Hu, general manager of Shanghai Weaver in Wuhan, and Lianjiang Zhang, general manager of Chanjet Cloud and Internet Eco-business Department delivered speeches at the signing ceremony. 

Shanghai Weaver is a leading manufacturer of collaborative management software products and application services in China, focusing on bringing easy-to-use collaborative management applications to more organizations and helping customers build an interconnected and electronic online working environment. 

Chanjet, a member enterprise of Yonyou, serves as a financial and management service provider for small and micro enterprises, and has continuously accelerated the development of cloud service business and promoted the digital intelligence transformation of small and micro enterprises. 

The signing is seen as a prelude to the close cooperation between iSoftStone and eco-partners in the fields of products and solutions, marketing promotion, market expansion, business intelligence, enterprise digital transformation, etc. Upholding the principles of “fairness, openness and win-win”, iSoftStone opens its platform to ISV ecological partners and elite service providers, provides superior resources and technical support, and attracts more excellent partners and elite service providers to join Huawei Cloud ecosystem. 

In 2022, iSoftStone Huawei Cloud, with the goal of improving business scale, will join hands with more ISV partners and elite service providers to continuously expand Huawei Cloud market, and build a benign, healthy and sustainable cloud business ecology and business system by further strengthening comprehensive capabilities such as channel expansion, cloud service, continuous operation and ecological delivery, so as to promote the comprehensive implementation of iSoftStone’s “cloud strategy” and earn impressive victories. 

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