iSoftStone awarded "HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem Module S-level Technical Certification"

The WiFi HarmonyOS Connect module developed by iSoftStone was awarded the "HarmonyOS Connect Ecosystem Module S-level Technical Certification" by Huawei, the highest level certification, qualifying iSoftStone as a hardware module solution provider for Huawei. As Huawei's ISV solution service provider and one of the first batch of "certified" HarmonyOS application service eco-partners, iSoftStone independently developed such a module to enhance further cooperation between the two sides. 

The module uses a highly integrated 2.4GHz WiFi SoC chip Hi3861V100 and integrates IEEE 802.11b/g/n baseband and RF circuit. With rich peripheral interfaces, such as GPIO, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM and multi-channel ADC, it can support a high-speed SDIO2.0 Slave interface, with a maximum clock frequency of 50MHz. The chip has built-in SRAM and Flash, which can run independently and support running programs on Flash. The module can be widely used in smart home IoT products such as electrical lighting, environmental health, security door locks, kitchen and bathroom appliances, massage and health care, etc., and can offer more mature product solutions and higher quality products and services. The module, with reliable, efficient and stable performance, supports OpenHarmony and third-party components, and provides an open and easy-to-use development and debugging environment, which can be used for embedded WiFi products. 

The S-level technical certification is a high recognition of iSoftStone’s technical strength and R&D achievements. iSoftStone will, upholding the ecosystem development concept of "open source, openness and win-win", deepen strategic cooperation in technology, ecology, channels and other fields with professional R&D service capabilities, explore HarmonyOS ecosystem, achieve business win-win with partners, and jointly build an intelligent world where all things are connected.

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