Talent-driven Innovation for HarmonyOS! HarmonyOS APP Development: Quick Start and Project Practices Formally Published

As the driver and contributor of Harmony technology and ecology, iSoftStone has had years of extensive and profound cooperation with Huawei. Having iSoftStone Education as the platform, iSoftStone participated in the development of Harmony's talent ecology through integration of industry and education and engagement in the OpenHarmony developer growth program. 

In the next few years, the terminal applications equipped with HarmonyOS will grow exponentially and the corresponding demands for technology study will also increase rapidly. How to study the HarmonyOS development APP is the key to Harmony talent training and education. Considering the lack of technical reference materials relating to HarmonyOS, iSoftStone Education has reinforced the HarmonyOS teaching frame, diversified course system resources and invested primary teaching and research resources to make major breakthroughs. For this purpose, Mr. Xia who is a certified expert of iSoftStone in HarmonyOS APP development and device development and Associate Professor Xie of the Department of Instrument Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University jointly compiled HarmonyOS APP Development: Quick Start and Project Practices which has been officially published recently. 


HarmonyOS APP Development: Quick Start and Project Practices was designed according to the learning rules of most readers. It includes vivid graphical and text theoretical contents, practical projects and real application scenario and features phased and highly operable code exercises to quickly adapt learners to HarmonyOS APP development. 

Two languages 

Java and JavaScript are both considered in the book. It depicts the project features and relevant knowledge points in the form of project cases and mind maps. Oriented to fulfilling tasks, it emphasizes practical capability. 

 6 cases 

This book includes 6 different types of project cases to introduce the core knowledge points of HarmonyOS APP development and stimulate   learners’coding enthusiasm. 

Emphasis on standardization

Programming standardization is emphasized in this book by authors in order to promote developers to form good habits of coding.

This book has been on sale on all major E-Commerce platforms. It is expected to introduce the learners to the basic development skills of HarmonyOS APP one step ahead and thus lay a solid base for subsequent HarmonyOS APP development. Selective purchasing is waiting for you.


iSoftStone Education will avail its advantages and its industrial partners' HarmonyOS-related capabilities and resources to establish multidimensional micro-professional course systems, e.g. north-oriented APP development, south-oriented device development, HarmonyOS operation system and innovative application projects. Based on its self-developed HarmonyOS development panel, iSoftStone will also simultaneously develop a multi-scenario comprehensive HarmonyOS teaching and experimental platform to better satisfy the teaching needs of HarmonyOS courses at universities. During the winter holiday, iSoftStone Education will also launch systematic and practical trainings with HarmonyOS characteristics for university teachers. University teachers are encouraged and welcome to get involved. 

iSoftStone will continuously and deeply engage in the development of HarmonyOS ecology. For the purpose of HarmonyOS talent development, we will continue to actively engage in the industry-university cooperation projects and make our due contribution to the development of HarmonyOS talents and the joint establishment of a new ecology of HarmonyOS education. 

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