Source Powers of Ecology〡 iSoftStone Successfully Released Qihang KS_IoT Intelligent Development Package

The “iSoftStone Qihang KS_IoT Intelligent Development Package” as separately developed by iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd, was released in Huawei Developer Alliance Ecological Market not long ago. This development package is loaded with HiSilicon Hi3861 chip and OpenHarmony OS and has six key features of high integration, rich functionality, stable performance, extensive application scenes, low development cost and rational layout.


This development package can satisfy developers’ demands to explore for and know about the open-source ecology of OpenHarmony and attract more developers and intellectual product developers to contribute to the development of OpenHarmony.

The mission to jointly develop the OpenHarmony open-source ecology

As an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation, OpenHarmony is expected to establish an open-source framework and platform of smart terminal OS oriented to the total-scene, total-connection and total-intelligent era and thus promote the prosperity of the Internet industry.

iSoftStone has actively responded to the national call for digitalization in the “fourteenth five-year plan” and established the ability to customize the OpenHarmony-based IoT end-to-end solution full stack (hardware + bottom-layer software + upper-layer HAP). It has become a co-developer of OpenHarmoney ecology and a supplier of OpenHarmony end-to-end solutions and provides the basic ability for OpenHarmoney-based digitalization for all walks of life and all scenes.

Diversify scenes with the intelligent development package

“iSoftStone Qihang KS_IoT Intelligent Development Package” was developed on the basis of OpenHarmony open-source OS and includes 1 core and 4 expansion modules.

It is furnished with the SoC of Hisilicon’s Hi3861 master control chip, integrated with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi ability and loaded with OpenHarmony open-source OS. Its core board is also highly integrated with 9 major function modules, including NFC, temperature and humidity sensors and light intensity sensor, covering the needs in common IoT application scenes, like home electric appliance and intelligent home decoration.

The expansion module includes the 4 additional modules of Bluetooth 5.0 module, PM2.5 monitoring module, formaldehyde monitoring module and positioning+ attitude sensor on the basis of the core board. The combo of the core board and the expansion module can satisfy the developer or intelligent terminal developer’s diversified development needs in different application scenes, e.g. intelligent home electric appliance, intelligent home decoration, intelligent security protection, smart logistics, smart city and smart agriculture. Meanwhile, this package supports E53 standard interface and is adaptable to all E53-furnished expansion modules and thus offers unlimited probability for the expansion of IoT application scenes, e.g. Bluetooth module can be used on Bluetooth soundbox, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, remote control, intelligent wearing, sports and health and other equipment connection and data transmission scenes; the formaldehyde monitoring module can be used for portable formaldehyde identifier and other scenes and can be used in combo with the fresh air system, formaldehyde cleaning equipment and other intelligent home devices.

This package will bring great convenience to OpenHarmony developers in practice and innovation. Developers can place an order via Huawei Developer Alliance Ecological Market, and other online shopping platforms. Meanwhile, iSoftStone provides an all-around online teaching and expert team for online Q&A services: provide the full-set teaching materials for typical scenes of the package, experimental cases, etc. to help developers get familiar with it rapidly.

Focus on industrial development and expand ecological cooperation

As a reliable partner in enterprise digitalization and a provider of OpenHarmony total-scene solutions, iSoftStone will continuously focus on the development of OpenHarmony open-source ecology and cooperate with partners in industrial solutions, third-party application modules, education and other fields and diligently explore for a total-scene ecology of Internet of Everything.

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