With Deep Cooperation, New Honors and New Achievements, iSoftStone and Huawei Together to Start a New Course of Development of HarmonyOS

October 22-24, 2021, Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC. Together) took place in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. The theme of the conference is "On Track to Map the Future". Focusing on hotspot topics such as HarmonyOS, full-room intelligence, smart offices and HMS Core, this event brought together experts from all walks of life, industry moguls, and global developers to collide sparks and feel the inspiration of "Connection of Everything".


HarmonyOS is the top priority of the developer conference. As a key partner of Huawei and an important member of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, Tianwen Liu, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, and Ying Huang, Vice Chairman, attended the conference and signed two cooperation agreements with Huawei: HarmonyOS Connect Empowerment Support Service Agreement and AI & Atomized Service Agreement. iSoftStone won two awards from Huawei HarmonyOS Connect: "Outstanding Partner of All-Scenario Smart Life" and "HarmonyOS Application Service Partner", and shared a speech entitled iSoftStone’s Practical Exploration in Released Version of Smart Agriculture Full-stack Solution Based on OpenHarmony at the HarmonyOS sub-forum. iSoftStone is also an active contributor to the core code of HarmonyOS open-source community. Combined with its technical capabilities in HarmonyOS Connect and application services, iSoftStone has built a commercially available OS in the field of open-source HarmonyOS based on OpenHarmony, boosting the prosperity of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, and on track to map the future.

Signing new agreements and further deepening cooperation on HarmonyOS

On October 23, during the conference, iSoftStone and Huawei officially held the signing ceremony of HarmonyOS Connect Empowerment Support Service Agreement and AI and Atomized Service Agreement. At the same time, iSoftStone was determined to be a certified ISV for Huawei HarmonyOS Connect, which further deepened the cooperation between the two sides.

As the first batch of participants and contributors of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, iSoftStone has played an important role in HarmonyOS hardware and software technology, HarmonyOS-based services, solutions and HarmonyOS ecosystem. Through the signing of agreements, the two sides will further carry out in-depth technical cooperation in voice assistant and take this opportunity to continue to cooperate in AI technical capabilities, to jointly develop accurate recommendations for users and use scenarios. They also want to co-build a Xiaoyi voice assistant ecosystem for Huawei, so as to make the development of intelligent conversations simple and efficient and to allow intelligent voice to reach hundreds of millions of users. Both sides aim to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results by leveraging their own advantageous resources and expanding the high-quality markets.

This time, iSoftStone signed the AI and Atomized Service Cooperation Agreement with Huawei to become the first batch of certified eco-partners of HarmonyOS application services. This means that iSoftStone will carry out in-depth cooperation with Huawei in AI capability building, atomized service provision, product promotion and operation leveraging its own R&D capability, service capability and business basis, so as to drive the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem through technical complementarity, achievement sharing and win-win business.

Award-winning iSoftStone praised for its capability

As a partner accompanying HarmonyOS's growth, iSoftStone is one of the first solutions providers of the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem. The two awards presented by Huawei to iSoftStone at this conference: "Outstanding Partner of All-Scenario Smart Life" and "HarmonyOS Application Service Partner" represent a full recognition of iSoftStone's achievements in continuously expanding the HarmonyOS ecosystem.


At present, iSoftStone provides integrated solutions including software and hardware, services and connections at all levels from HarmonyOS-based development, HarmonyOS-based application, equipment accessing and educational ecosystem, offering best practice cases for the commercial promotion and implementation of the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Among them, iSoftStone has established ecological business cooperation with more than 200 equipment manufacturers in various industries to help more than 200 products access HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem, covering smart home, sports and health, smart travel, office and education and audio-visual entertainment. The company has won the award of HarmonyOS developer innovation competition for its two products developed on the basis of OpenHarmony distribution capability: "smart triangle warning sign deployment system" and "smart farm project". In addition, the company has invested in and worked on modules/development boards, hardware customization, firmware secondary development, HarmonyOS service cards, and atomized services, demonstrating its versatile skills in this field.

Showcasing achievements in new exploration of OpenHarmony

At the conference, iSoftStone also displayed the R&D achievements based on OpenHarmony at the OpenHarmony sub-forum hosted by the OpenAtom Foundation, and shared a speech entitled iSoftStone’s Practical Exploration in Released Version of Smart Agriculture Full-stack Solution Based on OpenHarmony with the participants.

iSoftStone strives to serve the society with its expertise by solving existing problems with science and technology and driving digital upgrading and transformation in various sectors. This time, the company developed a hardware-software integrated solution for agriculture and aquaculture that enables controllable data management for farmers and agricultural enterprises and traceable food sources for the government and consumers. By opening up the data flow channel, it also set an excellent example for achieving the modern agricultural goal of monitoring and managing throughout the production process and reassured food quality for consumers.

Since joining the OpenAtom Foundation, iSoftStone has actively promoted the development of the OpenHarmony ecosystem through solution development. It has also contributed 60K code to the open-source community, and 30+ tests can become open-source once approved, which will greatly enrich and expand the creation of HarmonyOS ecosystem. Therefore, iSoftStone is not only highly praised by developers in relevant fields, but also highly affirmed by the foundation, Huawei and other related parties.

Cultivating talents and working with colleges and universities to build a system

At the same time, iSoftStone Education, a brand of iSoftStone, has worked with Huawei to promote university-enterprise partnerships, and has set HarmonyOS courses in many well-known colleges and universities in China. The courses have been incorporated into the curriculum system of many colleges and universities including Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The 39 original contents and 12 online video courses produced by the iSoftStone HarmonyOS Academy have also been well received by the developers. The number of visits has exceeded 400,000. In the future, iSoftStone and Huawei will continue to build a talent training system for the sustainable closed-loop development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

iSoftStone and Huawei have always been important partners of each other. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to expand the breadth and depth of cooperation with Huawei and continue to provide all-round support to the HarmonyOS ecosystem across all scenarios. It is committed to developing commercially available HarmonyOS in the industry, promote the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem and draw a beautiful blueprint of smart connection of everything.

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