iSoftStone Joins Hands with WeLink to Build a Connector for Enterprise Digitization

Recently, a delegation headed by Jun Wang, President of Huawei Cloud WeLink products, Lei Wang, Vice President, and Ronghua Yang, Chief Architect, visited iSoftStone headquarters in Beijing for investigation and communication. Ying Huang, Vice Chairman of iSoftStone, Huifu, Liu, Chief Technology Officer, and the core teams of iSoftStone Education, BPIT business and cloud services as well as a number of technical experts participated in the discussion. During the discussion, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the comprehensive cooperation between iSoftStone and Huawei Cloud WeLink, and reached consensus on many aspects.


In recent years, with the advent of the hybrid cloud era, it has become the norm for enterprises to move to the cloud. How to leverage and manage the cloud and maximize the value of the cloud has always been the focus of attention across the industry. iSoftStone also took this opportunity to accelerate its migration to the cloud and started the deployment and application of private cloud back in 2014. This year, iSoftStone further strengthened its cloud strategy, focused on the development of cloud services and related fields, and remains committed to providing customers with more professional and efficient cloud infrastructure and cloud data intelligent services.

During the discussion, Ying Huang said that iSoftStone collaborated closely with WeLink, an important application in cloud services, to promote the end-to-end cloud migration of the company's infrastructure, business, and management based on the "cloud native+application" model, to build our capabilities across R&D, management, business, marketing, service, and other fields, and to provide efficient and high-quality services to more than 75,000 employees of the group. Through this communication activity, we hope that the two sides can further carry out shared, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation in more fields and industries, to jointly build an industry cloud platform with iSoftStone characteristics and technical competitiveness that can help customers with their digital transformation in various industries.

Jun Wang said that WeLink is a platform that better understands enterprises’ need for security, intelligence and digital collaborative working across scenarios. It is a connector for enterprise digital transformation and an integrated solution that combines security (S), openness (O) and intelligence (A). At present, WeLink has linked more than 800,000 enterprises in 31 provinces across China, including over 180 of top 500 Chinese enterprises. It provides vertical industry applications and services based on smart hardware, content, channel, sales, collaboration and so on for government agencies as well as partners from the manufacturing, education sector and the medical industry. iSoftStone uses WeLink as an instant messaging communication platform and deploys 63 office applications on WeLink to enable one-stop working. It is a great application model with many linked users and frequent uses.


During the discussions, Huifu Liu talked deeply on a wide range of topics such as the integration of iSoftStone financial industry and industrial Internet solutions, the strengthening of the technological prowess and service capabilities of both sides, as well as the provision of integrated services. In the “WeLink Marketing Cooperation” session, both sides went deep into the vertical scenarios of industry segments and reached consensus on the gradual rollout of WeLink-education cloud, WeLink data middle end and other joint solutions in the future. They will work together to provide professional services for enterprises and help customers with their business innovation and expansion.


After the meeting, the delegation of the customer was shown around the exhibition hall of iSoftStone headquarters, where they fully understood iSoftStone's business footprints, product layout, technology and service capabilities, and were full of expectation for and confidence in the bilateral cooperation. As Huawei's "partner in times of trouble", iSoftStone will continue to leverage its strengths in five aspects: industry understanding, talent team, industry practice, service system and ecosystem-based cooperation", adhere to "Huawei Cloud Inside", join hands with "WeLink Ecological Alliance 2.0", build a cloud naive ecosystem, expand the market, share value, and serve our eco-partners in a more open and positive poise!

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