iSoftStone Officially Becomes a Member of the OpenAtom Foundation to Create a New Ecosystem of IoE

Recently, iSoftStone signed an agreement with the OpenAtom Foundation to join the foundation (the OpenAtom Foundation) and the OpenAtom OpenHarmony Working Group and became a full member of the agency. This indicates that iSoftStone will drive the application of open source technologies in the industry on a larger platform and in a wider range, and improve the value contribution of open source technologies to digital transformation.With the continuous iteration and evolution of open source technologies, open source has become the leading model of global software technology and industrial innovation. At present, open source technologies support most Internet products and have found their way into a wide range of commercial applications; especially in the field of next-generation information technology, the contribution rate of open-source software in all software is very high. Embracing and mastering open source technologies is crucial to winning the information technology for the future. That is why, at the national strategic level, “open source” has been expressly included in the outline of the five-year plan for national economic and social development for the first time. It is mentioned in the 14th Five -Year Plan that “efforts should be made to support the development of innovative consortia such as digital open-source technology communities, to improve legal system for open source intellectual property rights and encourage enterprises to open their software source codes, hardware designs and application services". In this context, open source has become the general trend.

The OpenAtom Foundation is the first open-source themed foundation in China. With the mission of "All for Developers; All for the World", it is committed to building a sustainable open-source cooperation platform for global developers. The foundation can provide neutral intellectual property trusteeship services, strategic consulting, legal consulting, project operation and brand marketing services for all kinds of open-source projects. OpenHarmony is an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. Its goal is to build a framework and platform for the operating system of smart terminals in an era of full connection and full intelligence across scenarios, thus promoting the prosperity of the Internet of Everything (IoE) industry.

In June this year, Huawei officially released the upgraded version of Harmony OS, and launched a number of new products featuring HarmonyOS 2. In fact, at the birth of OpenAtom OpenHarmony, iSoftStone has adhered to the philosophy of "Open Source for a Prosperous Ecosystem", and participated in the R&D and open source work of many projects. In the process, it has accumulated experience and made contributions to the creation of the Harmony ecosystem from many aspects such as source code, talent training, and community operation. To date, the total amount of open-source code has exceeded 60,000 lines; 9 sets of experimental manuals have been jointly developed; more than 40 original essays have been shared.

As a partner of Huawei in times of trouble and a solution provider for the all-scenario of Harmony ecosystem, iSoftStone has always been an important participant and supporter of the ecosystem creation and has played an important role in the research and development of Harmony software and the creation of the service ecosystem. The company continues to focus on development, and pool the wisdom of developers to build a software and hardware integrated service system. Thanks to its rich experience in intelligent technical services, software R&D and third-party certification, the company is able to connect the ecological ports at both the front and rear ends, to provide full-stack services during the software development and commercial promotion and application of the Harmony system, and to help boost the creation and prosperity of the Harmony ecosystem. At present, iSoftStone, together with upstream and downstream partners, has linked more than 70 eco-partners in smart home, sports and health, smart travel, working & education, audio-visual entertainment and so on through product accessing and channel co-building, thus helping more than 200 products accessing the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem.

Open source has become the cornerstone of technology application and industry digital development, and also the foundation for the sustained prosperity of the OpenHarmony ecosystem. Supporting and developing open source will become an effective way for China to pursue technological innovation and make breakthroughs, and also a new method to promote the establishment of a global community for science and technology and drive open and coordinated growth. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to fully embrace open source technologies and build an ecological industrial chain along with developers, software and hardware manufacturers and other partners surrounding the OpenHarmony open source ecosystem, so as to jointly usher in a new era of IoE for mankind.

The OpenAtom Foundation:

The OpenAtom Foundation is a non-profit and public welfare legal person registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, aiming to promote the development of open-source public welfare cause. The foundation is an incubator, connector and multiplier for open-source projects. By establishing de facto standards through the open governance of open-source code, the foundation is committed to pooling the efforts of industry players, universities and research institutes to jointly build an open-source ecosystem, and find more application scenarios for open-source projects. Individuals and organizations can become members of the foundation by donating money or funding projects.

OpenAtom OpenHarmony Working Group:

Mission: the OpenHarmony project group is entrusted to manage the core codes and components of the operating system technology and architecture. It unites chip developers, solution developers, product developers, application developers and various enablers through open governance. It works continuously to attract more and more code users and co-builders.

Vision: to create an open, global, innovative and leading distributed OS for multiple intelligent terminals and across all scenarios, and to build a sustainable open-source ecosystem.

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