Authoritative Release〡iSoftStone on the "2021 List of Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China"

The "2021 List of Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China", as produced by CCID, was formally released. The listees include integrated cloud infrastructure suppliers, financial technology (ABCDI) manufacturers, IT solution providers, integrated suppliers of digital technical services, cyber safety service providers and financial service providers.iSoftStone was successfully listed and won the honorary title of "2021 Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China". 


The digitalization process of China's financial industry is at a new development phase now and faces the transition from local breakthrough to all-around progress and from generic sectors to niche sectors. It features service intellectualization, service concretion, channel integration, platform opening and deep merger and its focus is increasingly placed on the scene finance-based construction and operation. With the deepening of digital transformation of the financial industry, the needs for innovation have become increasingly imminent. Meanwhile, COVID-19 pandemic has also raised higher requirements on the financial digitalization service ability and further accelerated the digital transformation of the financial industry. 

CCID believes that digital transformation isn't just the simple launch of services online. Instead, it is a digital restructuring of service, customer experience, product innovation and operational management on the basis of "technology and data". With the all-around penetration and merger of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, 5G, IoT and other financial services, financial technology will deeply change the business mode, risk control mode and financial agency of the conventional financial industry and restructure the financial industry. 

It is noteworthy that the "2021 List of Top 50 Pioneer Enterprises in Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector of China" doesn't ignore small-size enterprises. Creativity is the No. 1 consideration of the list. The joint efforts of creative enterprises and their financial users have promoted the development of the financial industry and facilitated the digital transformation of the financial industry. 

iSoftStone has extensively served the leading enterprises in the financial industry in the last couple of years. Therefore, it formally launched the brand of iSoftStone Financial Technology in September 2020 and founded a comprehensive technical service division oriented to the financial sector and covering all niche markets. iSoftStone Financial Technology is committed to better matching the business strategies of financial enterprises through counseling services and providing solutions for diversified financial application scenes; it aims to avail digital technical services to better support the digital transformation of the financial industry; and rely on digitalized operation to assist clients to realize platform-based operation and all-day consumer protection. 

iSoftStone possesses full-stack digital service abilities and is capable of R&D and APP development in the emerging sectors of cloud, big data, AI, block chain and IoT. It combines the R&D of cloud computing, big data, AI, mobile Internet, IoT and other creative technologies with industrial application scenes; fully develops a digital financial service ecology; makes integrated innovations on financial technology and service; continuously promotes reforms of the business mode and operating mode of financial enterprises; and creates values for clients. In the future, iSoftStone will stick to innovation, provide quality services to financial institutions; and assist the financial industry to realize the development goal of "technology-driven development". 

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