Innovative technology service provider

  • 2018~now Sustainable growth

    iSoftStone optimizes business portfolio and pools enterprise digitalization and IT services; improves the management efficiency in an all-round way, creates "digital iSoftStone", and strives to become the enabler of digital economy. It achieves both quality improvement and benefit growth, with more than 90,000 employees.

  • 2013~2017 Transformation

    It successfully completed privatization and occupied a leading position in key industries such as Internet, high technology and big finance.iSoftStone saw an annual average growth rate of over 30%, and owned nearly 40,000 employees.


  • 2007~2012 Scale development and global layout

    It successfully listed on NYSE, explored markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and served many top 500 enterprises worldwide. iSoftStone saw an annual average growth rate of over 50%, and owned nearly 22,000 employees.

  • 2005~2006 Growth amid exploration

    iSoftStone was established and internationally renowned institutional investors were introduced. iSoftStone saw an annual average growth rate of over 80%, and owned nearly 3,200 employees.

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