Solutions of Supply, Marketing and Storage Management of Real Estate Enterprises

Under the current market situation, enterprises are transforming from extensive operation to refined management and operation, and market competitiveness has become a key factor in the development of real estate enterprises. During the process, enterprises are transforming from extensive management to refined management and operation, and realization of refined cost management and risk prevention and identification in operation process has become the capabilities that management and operation decision makers should have. Its essence is to make more flexible supply, marketing and storage management as the goal, open up the internal value chain, improve the overall growth rate of enterprises, and make a better balance in the overall deployment of enterprises, which is also the requirement of further expansion of deepening and extending the connotation of operation management. It opens up the internal value chain, improves the overall growth rate of enterprises, makes a better balance in the overall deployment of enterprises and makes more flexible supply, marketing and storage management.

The iSoftStone Real Estate enterprise supply, marketing and storage management solution is an enterprise supply, marketing and storage management method established under the planning of the real estate enterprise supply, marketing and storage management system. Meanwhile, it sets up a system operation and maintenance service team and builds a refined operation and management system for sales and storage, which ultimately supports the business development of enterprises.



In the process of system construction and application, according to the system planning scheme and the system construction experience of iSoftStone team combined with the actual situation of enterprise supply, marketing and storage management, iSoftStone carries out professionally summary, definition and optimization of the management system, business rules, data and statistical logic to promote the implementation of the supply, marketing and storage management system; meanwhile, it can realize digital operation and refined management by combining the preparation, implementation, inspection and adjustment of the operation plan.


Capacity advantages

It provides customers with customized system development conforming to the user’s operation characteristics and system solutions and products conforming to the industrial operation specifications.

Results handed over by the real estate team achieves full coverage of points, lines and areas

There are sufficient high-quality personnel reserves on all technical platforms. It can run through the whole situation in the three business technology lines of real estate marketing, operation platform and technology platform (including integration) and achieve the cooperation in all business areas, such as real estate, commercial management, KTV, cinema, department stores, E-commerce and business system operation and maintenance.

The understanding of information establishment in the real estate industry is deeper and more comprehensive

iSoftStone is deeply involved in various fields of the real estate industry, which can provide timely and effective data support for the overall strategy and operation of real estate enterprises, and has played an important role in the key decision-making of sound operation of enterprises.

Customer revenue

It can realize the dynamic display of project indicators

It can realize dynamic follow-up and display of dynamic value, supply, contract signing, received payments and early warning of overdue through stage management, area management, price management, supply management and budget of contract signing received payments.

It is built into the coordinated operation and management platform combined with the operation and management system

It can realize the plan-driven management and control logic by coordinating the function of various online departments in accordance with the operation and management system.

Centralized display of operational information

It can coordinate the sales CRM and plan management platform, collect and summarize relevant information, unify and display relevant information, reserve the docking interface of cost system and R&D platform to lay the foundation for building an integrated platform.

Complete the unification of supply and marketing indicators on the basis of spatial unification

It can ensure that the index granularity of supply and sales can meet the budget requirements.

Support the supply and marketing data reporting, disassembly and implementation monitoring of the comprehensive budget

It can naturally form the supply and marketing draft required by the budget through monthly dynamic adjustment. After the supply and marketing budget indicators are issued, they can be quickly disassembled to the executable granularity of the project, and the monthly budget actually achieves early warning, and finally the vision that the budget directly guides the front-line business with minor-adjustment and correction can be archived.

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