Analysis of investment models

Analysis of investment models


Collect and summarize the data information of each stage and function of the project from the existing business system or input mode to form a panoramic view of the project. Through the dynamic follow-up of supply, contract signing and received payment and the comparative analysis of planned data, it completes the whole cycle value management, dynamic value monitoring, value classification management and value correction; in addition, it carries out the dynamic evaluation on the changes in the gross profit rate by combining changes in sales and costs and monitors the changes in the gross profit rate of various projects and business activities.



The investment analysis model is used to respond sensitively to the operation of the project, which provides decision-making data support for the operation of the real estate project.

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1. Realize online collection of functional data such as operation, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, finance and commerce, improve the accuracy of model data and enhance the refined level of investment control;

2. Connect the economic analysis meeting with the budget, dynamically monitor the core indicators such as value, cost, gross profit and carry-over profit and realize trip warning to prevent business risks;

3. Keep and compare the data of each stage of “Investment Committee - Launching Meeting - Operation and Maintenance” to realize the whole cycle management of the project and enhance the competitiveness of the same industry;

4. Reserve the interface for the overall budget and provide basic data.


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