Product Management Solutions for Real Estate Enterprises

Product Management Solutions for Real Estate Enterprises


With the scaled development of the real estate and the demand of refined business management and control of real estate enterprises, real estate enterprises focus on different product positioning objectives and create different grades of real estate projects according to different product positioning objectives. Under the background of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, productization has become the important choice direction for real estate enterprises.

iSoftStone makes full use of its rich experience accumulated in the real estate information field for many years to provide real estate product management solutions for real estate customers in combination with the business needs of real estate products. It provides important indicators based on the area and cost of land blocks, projects, buildings and houses in the process of feasibility study, design and construction of real estate products, quickly calculates the cost for the feasibility study and design of real estate projects for land investment decision-making and design planning, provides multi-version index comparison in the implementation process, and quickly finds out the reasons for the differences according to the index differences to provide a powerful guarantee for the sound operation of the project.



The product management solution system is consisted of project product management, construction standard database, data report, product information base and basic system configuration, covering the whole process management from the land acquisition to the completion of construction drawing design; in addition, it is connected with the cost, procurement and other systems, reads the basic project information from the master data, and outputs the project area index and other contents to other systems. This solution greatly improves the productization development ability of real estate projects and reduces the investment in product R&D costs, which is beneficial for enterprises to build high-quality real estate projects with brand influence.


Capacity advantages

The product is mature and stable with reasonable design

With years of project implementation experience, rich industry experience and the design of senior product R&D team, iSoftStone has made the product management solution system mature, stable, expandable and upgradable.

Strong integration ability

Through the integration interface provided by the system, it can realize seamless integration with various internal management systems and create a complete and smooth information flow for enterprises.

Easy to use

Considering that the operators cover a wide range of functional departments, the product interface is designed intuitively, the business and operation logic are concise and direct, and the training cost is low, which can be used quickly, thus reducing the impact of user proficiency on the whole implementation process.

Customer revenue

Consultative service process

Based on years of industry accumulation and experience precipitation, it puts forward perfect solutions for customers and configures the system highly meeting the demand on the premise of deeply understanding the customer’s needs and mastering the enterprise situation, so as to truly improve the management concept and level as needed and solve practical problems for customers at the same time.

Smooth information flow improves work efficiency

Through the perfect workflow and message mechanism built in the system, it organically links all entities inside and outside the enterprise together so as to realize the smooth flow of information in all dimensions and form a large collaborative system inside and outside the enterprise.

Whole process closed-loop management

It can collect important data and information at key points in the whole process from the initial research and development to the final project completion, and carry out multi-angle multi-dimensional and multi-presentation analysis to provide reliable data decision support for enterprises to improve the internal management reconstruction and management level combined with the management concept of PDAC.

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