Real Estate Mobile Marketing Solution

Real Estate Mobile Marketing Solution


With the continuous development of the Internet technology and mobile devices, mobile applications have penetrated into the traditional marketing industry, bringing great changes and influences to the industry. With the acceleration of the mobile-end process of real estate marketing business in recent two years, through the continuous use of customized software of major customers, in the process of promoting the transformation from extensive sales of new real estate sales to excavating precise sales of customers, its effect played in this process has become increasingly obvious and prominent, and it has also become a sales model that real estate scale customers and central customers are competing to adopt.

Based on the rich experience accumulated in the mobile development field in recent years combining with the special experience in the real estate sales business, iSoftStone focuses on creating “the Internet+” real estate marketing to provide a leading mobile marketing information platform for the sales business of real estate enterprises and make real estate marketing realize the Internet+. This platform focuses on the online support of business such as customer extension, customer adjudication, follow-up, case management, electronic opening and recognition in the process of real estate sales to provide an efficient information management tool for marketing team management, customer information management and customer follow-up and effectively improve the customer conversion rate at each business node.


The real estate mobile marketing solution provides business functional services such as customer extension management, mobile case management and electronic opening for real estate marketing and creates online support for all key business nodes for real estate marketing based on the combination of mobile technology and real estate sales business, which greatly improves the timeliness of data of all business nodes and promotes the improvement of marketing management level or marketing ability. Through the analysis of a large number of customer data, it can achieve the purpose of accurate marketing, effectively improve customer conversion rate, reduce marketing expenses, enhance marketing channel capabilities, and assist in improving marketing management level or marketing capabilities. Through the analysis of a large number of customer data, it can achieve the purpose of accurate marketing, effectively improve customer conversion rate, reduce marketing expenses, enhance marketing channel capabilities and promote the real estate marketing scale to a new level.

Capacity advantages

The same APP supports various types of users and various services

It is applicable to marketing teams, cooperative teams and participative marketing personnel of real estate enterprises, and provides different APP page functions according to different user types and business functions.

Effective team management

It provides self-owned and cooperative marketing team management as well as marketing target task setting and decomposition, and effectively monitors the completion of task objectives of the whole team.

Easy to use

It provides a simple and effective mobile operation experience combined with marketing business scenarios.

Customer revenue

It improves customer reserve efficiency.

It can effectively collect and follow up customers information through the mobile marketing tool to provide a convenient management tool for real estate project marketing to quickly accumulate customer resources and for marketing teams to formulate reasonable quantitative task objectives and assessment.

Reduce customer’s marketing costs and achieve accurate marketing based on big data

It has formed the customer resource pool of real estate enterprises through the long-term customer accumulation, which will effectively reduce marketing customer reserve costs; in addition, it explores the potential consumption customers through the attention of customer behavior.

Typical customers

Real estate enterprise development and seller

Real estate marketing agent

Participative marketing

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