E-commerce System

E-commerce System


iSoftStone’s insurance e-commerce system is an electronic information platform integrating brand publicity, product sales, customer service, and risk control for insurance company and is a comprehensive e-commerce system integrating four major platforms of promotion, sales, service and management.


The perfected customer service system allows customer to realize online queries for insurance or claim progress, online modifications to customer-related information, online notifications of auto repair situations and other functions.

Professional insurance demands assessment tools. Customers can obtain on-demand initial analysis that is accurate and comprehensive, for a diversified range of insurance types.

Based on sufficient analysis of demand, the customer can compare and purchase a selection of different kinds of insurance products or packages, or can provide a simple description of their personal situation and then use the on-demand insurance assessment tools to analyze and customize their insurance scheme.

Telemarketing integration, telemarketing information sharing, and convenient task flow and follow-up together provide customers with a better consumer experience.

Robust and flexible reporting, statistical analysis, and customer query analysis functions provide an informed basis for the leadership’s operational decisions.

Functional Features

Comprehensive online insurance, simple procedures, flexible payments.

Online security, claims, insurance policy renewals, and other insurance-related services are networked in different places, with the gradual improvement of the service system

Multiple channels, including SMS, mail, SNS, telephone, are organically combined, to expand customer contact, build a three-dimensional service network and improves sales conversion rate.

Based on extensive data analysis, insurance companies can achieve secondary sales targets, cross-sales, affiliated marketing, and other benefits.

System Functions

iSoftStone’s insurance e-commerce system is divided into two main functional subsystems: the network platform and the management center.


The network platform is a marketing platform directly provided for network customers, consisting of eight main functional areas.

The Management Center is the command and operation center of the entire e-commerce system, which provides support for the entire e-commerce platform in realizing its normal operations.


Customer cases

E-commerce system for Champion Property & Casualty Insurance

E-commerce system for Ancheng Property & Casualty Insurance

E-commerce system for Qianhai Insurance Exchange Centre

E-commerce system for Beibu Gulf Property & Casualty Insurance

E-commerce system for Alltrust Property Insurance

E-commerce system for Xinhua Life

E-commerce system for Xinhua Health Insurance

E-commerce system for AnBang Property & Casualty Insurance

E-commerce system for Sun Life Everbright Life

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