Internet Insurance Core System Based On Cloud Computation

Internet Insurance Core System Based On Cloud Computation


Business: The cloud-based Internet insurance core system can support the processing of core businesses of property insurance companies. Support the insurance business requirements of the whole process from product definition (including product pricing model definition), quotation, underwriting, correction, claim, renewal, reinsurance, etc.; support staff management, member management, marketing management, cooperation agent management, statistical statement management and other enterprise management monitoring requirements; meet the operational requirements of unified multi-channel access, unified internal management and flexible authority design.

Technology: Computing resources as well as application architecture and data architecture have been clouded; as the core product of industry solutions in the property insurance product system, the Internet insurance core system functionally supports the core and channel businesses of property insurance companies, and has realized the integration of electric core and network core. The new generation Internet core system mainly consists of three parts: core management platform + channel integrated platform + basic service platform (SOA).


Functionally, from the channel fast access to rapid product release, from the comprehensive management of all channels to the integration of electric core and network core, from multi-channel marketing strategy management to comprehensive data analysis, from B2C, B2B to mobile interconnection, it can fully meet the demand of Internet business scenarios, provide a strong support system for insurance companies to quickly obtain the core competitiveness of Internet insurance businesses and comprehensively satisfy regulatory requirements.

Technically, from data routing to sharding (vertical and horizontal database switching), from platform interface management to business component and system distributed computing (stateless, micro service), from adaption of commercial DB to full adaption to open source database, from dynamic distribution to unified platform monitoring management, the entire system can improve performance through a simple horizontal resources extension, and meet the technical requirements of insurance Internet businesses, and demonstrate the technical development route of Internet insurance in the true sense.

iSoftStone insurance Internet core business system is the first real system of its kind and the one with practices of customers.

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Answern Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.

JD Internet Property Insurance Company (preparing)

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