WeChat Insurance Marketing Service Platform

WeChat Insurance Marketing Service Platform


iSoftStone’s WeChat Insurance Marketing System is designed to provide convenient insurance experiences, claims inquiries, and other services for customers needing auto insurance, accident insurance, and family property insurance services. Via the system, insurance companies can deliver various types of service information to customers in a timely manner, conduct more targeted interactions and communication with customers, improve their customer service levels, and enhance their marketing service capabilities. Furthermore, insurance companies can use the platform to expand their view of their customers, assisting with customer analysis, marketing service analysis, and the development of marketing strategies.


Dynamic Expansion

The platform is highly expansible (through a unified data exchange model that regulates the dispatch center, sending center, and receiving center). It not only adapts to the existing WeChat, Weibo, and SMS services, but also provides new social platforms with new definitions for the access interface. Accessing the new social platform only requires configuring the corresponding adapter according to the configuration of the unified message specification.

Modular Design

The system adopts a multi-functional modular design and minimizes the coupling between modules. Each module adopts a parameter configuration.

Easy to Maintain

The interface is concise and easy to operate; the system configuration is very convenient. The system is highly expansible and facilitates secondary development.


Uses standard SQL database language to facilitate data migration between different operating systems (Unix/Linux).

Safe and Reliable

The system can block illegal transactions and ensure that transaction information is true and accurate.

System Functions

The system includes two main functions: the official WeChat account management and maintenance platform, and the WeChat client-side business service platform.



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