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iSoftStone is committed to providing every employee with a first-class, humanized and comfortable working environment, so that employees can work more happily and efficiently. The global headquarters building of the Group covers an area of about 40,000 sqm and is located in Zhongguancun Software Park. The elegant, open and modern office design, "intelligent" IT infrastructure, "barrier-free" property and cleaning services, clean and comfortable environment and fresh air enable employees' needs at work to be quickly met.


Seats on each floor of the building are arranged along the window to make good use of natural lighting, and achieve the purpsoe of energy saving and environmental protection. IPAD is installed on the outer wall of each conference room, and intelligent reservation system is adopted in all conference rooms to improve the space utilization rate. Tea rooms can be seen everywhere, and their color is designed in a unified and harmonious manner. The user-friendly and open design concept is also reflected in the mobile office area specially designed for business communication personnel, suppliers and partners. The newly built multi-function hall can accommodate 300 people, which can be used for company meetings, staff activities and press conferences, and is equipped with multi-function lighting control system and giant projection screen.


Every employee works hard for a better life. There are also cafes, libraries, dry cleaning rooms, supermarkets, gymnasiums, mommy rooms... thereby enriching employees' lives, leisure and entertainment.


Employees who take active actions and are committed to high-quality work, as well as warm and harmonious office atmosphere, will allow you to quickly integrate into our big family, grow rapidly and realize personal value.

Create an office environment, save energy and reduce emissions, and at the same time be more efficient, intelligent and sustainable;

Create an office environment full of vitality to facilitate work and live;

Create an office environment, so that all iSoftStone staff are proud of it!

Create an office environment and wait for you!

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