Authoritative Certification | ISoftStone Passes SA8000 Certification


ISoftStone successfully passed SA8000 certification of social accountability management system and gained the certificate. It fully recognizes iSoftStone's efforts on corporate social responsibility for many years, and indicates the company's compliance with SA8000 standard including humanistic concept, standardized management, etc.

A Dialog with Chen Liming of iSoftStone: Extra Efforts on Intelligent Terminal Business


Driven by the thriving 5G and AI technologies, the exponential growth of big data and the maturity and application of the products like intelligent home appliance, smart wear and Internet of Vehicles, especially the formal commercialization of 5G in 2019, the industrial intelligence level has improved significantly.

Intensifying New Power | Huang Li: Digital Operation Helps Clients Win a Finite Future


Over the past year, the world was disturbed by enormous uncertainties that posed many challenges to our life, work and production.

Qin Zhangbo of iSoftStone: ITO Empowerment as Flexible as Fingers


"Five fingers have different lengths but each finger can be the same flexible," Qin Zhangbo, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone made this metaphor when describing the ITO strategy. She also acts as the head of iSoftStone's business development committee. Citing the popular concept of "middle-end", the committee is further integrating and extracting the company's ITO capacity accumulated for years to develop an ITO capacity middle-end and empower its ITO services in all aspects by standardized "micro-services".

#Cloud for Bullish Growth# Decoding iSoftStone's Prime Mover


As China's leading software and IT service provider with 100+ branches around the world and 70,000+ employees, iSoftStone is a flagship corporation that has braved the wind and waved to sail forward steadily over the past decade, and sustained its robustness despite the impact of pandemic.

Industry Focus: Pathway of Digital Transformation for Group Treasury and Finance Companies


In the context of the fast development of information technology, it has turned out to be an industrial focus for the large group treasury and finance companies to utilize the innovative science and technology like big data, AI and blockchain to realize digital transformation of corporate finance. Zhu Jianxiang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone explained the key points of such digital transformation in an exclusive interview with on November 26, 2019.

Peng Qiang: iSoftStone can Do More for Digital Transformation of Enterprises


"Digital transformation may not be the choice of enterprises anymore but a must. The process of digitalization is inevitable." Themed with "Advance Intelligence", Huawei Connect 2019 was recently held in Shanghai, and iSoftStone attended the vent as a key partner of Huawei and a diamond sponsor. During the event, Peng Qiang, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone had an interview in Shanghai. He commented, "the digital economy shows strong growth momentum and digitalization is permeating all industries. The digital transformation of enterprises is on the road."

By Deep Cooperation with iSoftStone, NETLINKZ Brings New Private Network Experience to Chinese Users


The AWS Summit 2019 (Beijing) was recently held in China National Convention Center in Beijing. The event was attended by quite a number of world-renowned enterprises, innovative companies and public service organizations. Through technology forums, demonstrations and solutions, they unveiled the latest technology trends and conducted cloud-computing-related exchanges, collaborations and discussions with thousands of participants. In the crowded exhibition hall, our journalist saw the booth of iSoftStone and James Tsiolis, CEO of NETLINKZ that had formed strategic partnership with iSoftStone in this April. James Tsiolis and Wang Zhengxiong, Vice President of Digital Business Department of iSoftStone accepted the interview of our journalist and shared their new thoughts on cloud computing industry and the innovative R&D achievements of both companies.

How can Traditional Enterprises be Digitally Reborn? iSoftStone is the Answer.


"Nearly half of the business leaders fear that their businesses are being phased out and the traditional enterprises are losing ground", said Peng Qiang, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone at the 2019 China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference & International Digital Economy Summit held in the afternoon of June 20. On the topic of digital transformation of traditional enterprises, he attended the discussion with over 200 delegates including governmental leaders, scholars and experts, and enterprise representatives. At this event, iSoftStone won the award of "2018 Most Influential Offshore Service Outsourcing Enterprise in China".

Integrating Capabilities into Middle-end: AI Concept of iSoftStone


"At the critical moment, Wang Jinxi threw away crutches and jumped into the mud pool regardless of his leg injury. He used his body to mix the mud and finally suppressed the blowout."


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