Mr. TW Liu from iSoftStone Is Honored as 2017 Top Ten Leading Figures in China's Software and Information Service Industry

On December 21, 2017, 2017 (7th) China Software Conference hosted by CCID was held, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) won the 2017 Top Ten Leading Enterprises in China's Software and Information Service Industry for its outstanding contribution to the development of China's software and information service industry in the past 16 years. Mr. Tianwen Liu, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, was also honored as the 2017 Top Ten Leading Figures in China's Software and Information Service Industry, and his stories were selected into the book Data Hero - Mainstay Influencing the Development of China's Big Data Industry.


The backbone of digital economy

Under the leadership of Mr. Liu, iSoftStone has grown into a leading innovative software and information technology service provider in China and takes a lead in its industry. In the sweeping digital economy, iSoftStone has gradually become the backbone.

iSoftStone has shaped the end-to-end "software + service" comprehensive business capability and great in-depth service advantages after 16 years of development. It has 170+ branches and 33 global delivery centers in 66 cities around the world, with nearly 40,000 employees. Its main business covers software technology services, enterprise digital transformation services, and others.

During its promotion of the enterprise digital transformation, iSoftStone has served 1,000+ domestic and foreign customers in 10+ important industries, such as retail, energy, finance and real estate, among which there are 90+ Fortune Global 500 enterprises. It also effectively creates value for customers in cities, enterprises and other fields through empowering digital upgrading.

In addition, iSoftStone has a strong ecological integration capability and has established a complete set of innovative cooperation system regarding the Government-Industry-University-Research Cooperation to create value for customers. In 2017, iSoftStone became a partner of the Huawei Cloud Partner Strategy. Both sides worked together to explore the public cloud market and vigorously promote the digital transformation of cities, parks, large and medium-sized enterprises, and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Entrepreneurial spirit of continuous innovation


Since founding iSoftStone in 2001, Mr. Liu has always set the development goal of building a world-class IT technology company based in China and with global influence. In the past 16 years, Mr. Liu, facing the rapidly changing technology industry, exerted his unique long-term strategic deployment and decisive execution, and led iSoftStone from a start-up to a giant in the field of software and information technology in China. The company has made rapid progress and made continuous breakthroughs.

As a leading figure in the industry, Mr. Liu has always maintained the innovative spirit of forging ahead with determination. He realized the role of big data in urban development as early as many years ago, and advocated "talking with data, making decisions with data, managing with data, and innovating with data" within the company. This makes iSoftStone one of the earliest service providers in China that enhance the value of cities and enterprises through big data; iSoftStone has also been honored as "Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China", "Brand Influence Award in Big Data" and "Prize for the Outstanding Contribution in China's Software and Information Industry Services" for many years. Mr. Liu's innovative practice in big data has been selected into the book Data Hero - Mainstay Influencing the Development of China's Big Data Industry, indicating the recognition by the industry.

In the industry, many entrepreneurs agree with the unique value of iSoftStone. It not only accelerates the development process of China's software and information technology industry through its own innovation and enterprising; more importantly, its active exploration in big data, cloud computing, IoT, etc. empowers digital transformation of Chinese enterprises.

Boost the innovation and development of digital economy by using big data

The comprehensive promotion of the national big data strategy booms China's big data industry, and data-driven innovation gradually affects different sectors of economic society. As the leading China innovative software and IT services provider, iSoftStone has profound experience accumulated in many fields, such as big data, cloud computing and IoT. Its self-developed big data-assisted decision-making platform, by following the concept of Internet plus industry, provides necessary support for decision makers for people's livelihood and well-being, industrial revitalization, grassroots governance, government services, and investment promotion.

By referring to unified data standards, data security system and big data operation system, iSoftStone builds a big data platform integrating big data information resource directory system, data exchange platform and governance platform, and providing data development services. Through this platform, iSoftStone can provide urban operation services, targeted poverty alleviation based on big data, credit investigation, and big data transactions to local government departments, enterprises, the public, and other customers.

Digital transformation by using new-generation information technologies such as big data and cloud computing now has become the main countermeasure for all cities, industries and enterprises to address challenges. iSoftStone will develop a leading and practical big data platform from its leading technology and innovative thinking, which is expected to further enhance the scientificity and intelligentization of urban governance, strengthen industrial competitiveness and benefit people's livelihood.

China Software Conference, with the substantial support of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, has become a benchmark for the development of China's software and information technology service industry, and has been highly concerned and recognized. In the software and information technology industry, iSoftStone has turned into an important driver. Upon the thorough implementation of national strategies such as Internet plus, Made in China 2025 and Big Data Strategy, iSoftStone will keep vigorously contributing to China's digital economy by virtue of its profound strength. 

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