iSoftStone Works with TSL to Find a New Way to Retail Digitalization

Digital transformation and upgrading are inevitable for China's jewelry industry driven by innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing and IoT. But how to choose digital partners with long-term strategic value for each enterprise according to its own characteristics is particularly important.

TSE SUI LUEN (TSL), one of the large-scale and influential jewelry retailers and manufacturers in Asia, has shaped a good model in recent years. Together with its partners, TSL has not only realized the digital transformation of IT system in the early stage, but also has established an online mall system based on jewelry industry under the new retail trend, integrated multi-channel sales data, and formed devoted fan bases offline through online activities, thus enhancing its digital experience in physical stores all over the country. 

iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), known as the new retail digital accelerator in the industry, is one of the important long-term digital partners of TSL. Founded in 2001, iSoftStone is the Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider and digital economy enabler. Currently, it has 90+ branches and 25 delivery centers in 36 cities around the world, with 40,000+ employees.

iSoftStone has 15-year experience in the field of retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). It has established close cooperative relations with world-renowned manufacturers such as Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, IBM, etc., accumulated rich industry experience in enterprise-level application systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM and digital products, and served many well-known customers in the direct selling industry, luxury goods industry and home appliance industry, including TSL.


Through the long-term and stable cooperation with iSoftStone, TSL has comprehensively improved the consumer experience. It opens up the data of its own e-commerce platform and back-end system while interacting with offline stores through data, forming a good positive cycle.

Industry practitioners believe that such cooperation has a certain demonstration effect in the whole jewelry industry. It facilitates enterprises to get potential for further improvement under the new economy and new information technology, further revitalizes the industry, and finds new ways of interaction with consumers. Additionally, such cooperation will also become a beneficial part of China's whole digital economy development, and promote the economy to move towards a higher quality.

New gameplay of omni-channel platform

A few years ago, the way for ordinary consumers to buy jewelry was to pick one by one at the counter of offline shopping malls, and then pay for it on the spot. Now, if customers want TSL products, they only need to learn about the products through articles on their WeChat official account, and then place orders online and receive goods.

This is a typical consumption scene in the new retail era. For TSL, this is not only the inevitable result of digital upgrading, but also the basis for creating more new scenes in the future.


To this end, iSoftStone, by combining the characteristics of jewelry industry and the requirements of TSL's complete product purchase process, has developed a set of self-owned e-commerce platform based on WeChat social interaction, which breaks the time and space restrictions of consumers' jewelry purchase and realizes cross-channel and cross-device shopping anytime and anywhere.

Further, iSoftStone has customized and developed a series of marketing functions according to the marketing and user operation strategy of TSL. Upon various online activities, iSoftStone satisfies the psychological demands of "Generation Z" youths for fun and novelty, strengthens the interaction between TSL and users, and enhances brand loyalty. This benefits from iSoftStone's previous cooperation experience with a number of enterprises and the relatively mature overall solution of e-commerce products. iSoftStone has also helped TSL upgrade its internal IT system, so it has a deep insight and understanding about TSL's overall marketing strategy.

According to industry practitioners, iSoftStone is different from traditional IT service providers. Its unique value lies in insisting on providing complete digital transformation solutions and end-to-end services from the perspective of customers for their long-term development plans. This time, iSoftStone joins hands with TSL to explore the digitalization of jewelry retail, vitalizing and greatly motivating traditional jewelry brands.

Unlimited possibilities of the future

One of the core values of iSoftStone is to give the top priority to the needs and requirements of customers, which is highly reflected in the process of cooperation with TSL.


iSoftStone teams strive for perfection in product design and user experience details, making TSL e-commerce platform favored by consumers as soon as it goes online; the online mall receives high praise due to its convenient operation, smooth experience and close fit with content operation.

The experience of iSoftStone in the digitalization of enterprise application system, omni-channel data platform, precision marketing, and other fields also begins to work. TSL online shopping mall can better capture consumers' preferences through data, thus optimizing the commodity management, order management, promotion management, logistics management, and other systems on the one hand; the mall also interacts with offline stores to help store management, display management, inventory management, etc. on the other hand. 

The greater imagination space in the future is to provide consumers with more convenient and cool purchasing experience and more humanized value-added services through the analysis and processing of various data, the linkage of multiple platforms and advanced cutting-edge technologies, as the jewelry industry moves toward personalization and customization. This is also an important goal of many traditional enterprises in the new retail era, and the benefit of digitalization to retail enterprises. As an experienced enterprise of digitalization in retail and FMCG industry, iSoftStone is accelerating the development of this industry.

It is reported that, in order to help more customers in the retail and FMCG industry to realize digital transformation and upgrading with higher efficiency and lower cost, iSoftStone took several years, based on rich experience in the retail and FMCG industry and excellent technical strength, to create a one-stop e-commerce solution - Zhenpin E-commerce, which is oriented on transaction orders, adapts to various business models with microkernel and integrates "product development + customized service + operation service". This product can help customers in the retail and FMCG industries easily build e-commerce platforms around the web design, membership operation, commodity management, payment, marketing, and other links, and promote transaction upgrading in a comprehensive manner. In addition to TSL, iSoftStone will, working together with more partners, continue to offer more new experiences to consumers and create new values for customers in its own way together. 

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