iSoftStone Applies ABC Model to Advance Digital Upgrading

Facing the digital transformation and upgrading, the nature and characteristics of digital transformation, the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions in digital transformation, and other topics have attracted great attention. Recently, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) released a white paper entitled "Innovating Digital Transformation in China" jointly with International Data Corporation (IDC), a world-renowned market research institution, showing a rounded analysis of these topics.


For many industry practitioners, release of the white paper which summarizes the digital development path of various industries and fields under the background that the new generation of information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, and AI promote the digital transformation of various fields worldwide shows the future trend and the efforts of enterprises in promoting digital upgrading.

The strategies of iSoftStone in promoting digital transformation in different fields, its solutions to the complexity of digital transformation in different businesses, and its practical achievements in establishing ecological integration capabilities in different industries have received high praise.

Advancing digital upgrading with ABC model, iSoftStone is building ecological integration capacity

As the Leading China Innovative Software and IT Services Provider, iSoftStone is obviously featured by digital upgrading at both city and enterprise levels during promoting digital upgrading. According to IDC data, about half of the 1,000 mainstream large enterprises in China took digital transformation as their core strategy in 2017.

This means that iSoftStone, in the process of digitalization, has taken a certain lead and has motive to keep pushing the digitalization of cities and enterprises to a new stage. "We know customers' concerns and know how to promote digital innovation by using technology" said Mr. Qingfa Li, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone.

Distinctive "ABC"

Many industry practitioners think that iSoftStone is unique because of its unique advantages among enterprises that help customers to carry out digital transformation. These advantages have recently been summarized by iSoftStone as ABC model, that is, the benign interaction and spiral escalation among Aiming Strategy, Best Practice and Capability.

For the Aiming Strategy, iSoftStone has developed a strategy with city + enterprise as the framework, software + service as two supports and big data + cloud computing + Internet as the driver. For the Capability, iSoftStone has overall solutions in 65+ industries, with R&D and innovation capabilities backed by cloud computing platform, big data analysis platform and tonelink service platform. iSoftStone has the experience and business understanding ability after serving 1,000+ Chinese and overseas customers, and more than ten years of technical service.

For the Capability, the most important element, iSoftStone has achieved a win-win result by helping many customers improve their digital capabilities. For example, when it comes to the digital transformation of retail enterprises, iSoftStone gave impetus to such digital transformation through end-to-end digital transformation solutions, including omni-channel e-commerce platform, precision marketing solutions, distribution management solutions, etc., and in conjunction with Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, and other partners. Especially in sales model, brand marketing and supply chain management, it has set an industry benchmark. In this way, multinational companies like Amway and Carrefour have benefited a lot, and local companies like Beingmate have improved their competitiveness.

In the banking industry, one of the industries with high informatization in China, the practice of iSoftStone is also effective. In cooperation with major state-owned commercial banks, state-owned joint-stock banks and regional banks, iSoftStone has generated a complete solution system including risk management, CRM, performance appraisal, statistical analysis, regulatory reporting, etc., and has made many innovations in mobile banking, direct bank, WeChat banking, outlet intelligent service, precise marketing, big data, IT governance, etc., which has helped the digital upgrading of bank customers.

In addition, iSoftStone has also made great achievements in the digital transformation in insurance, corporate finance, real estate, power, and energy. Answern, Guolian Group, China Guodian Corporation, Wanda Group, Longfor Properties, etc. have joined hands with iSoftStone to improve the digitalization. "Our ABC strategy has really empowered the digital upgrading of cities and enterprises," said Mr. Jack Liu, Vice President of iSoftStone.

Integration capacity from the inside out

An important question is how iSoftStone itself carries out digital upgrading when it contributes to the digital transformation of cities and enterprises, because industry practitioners believe that only the enterprise itself is digitized, can it better help customers to digitize.

In this regard, iSoftStone has made a lot of internal innovations. It has developed cloud computing and Internet platform services while providing software technology services and enterprise digital transformation services. Among them, tonelink platform provides crowd sourcing matching services with quality assurance for the customized needs of small and medium-sized customers and fragmented needs of large customers through the Internet mode, and has formed a complete system of B2B trading platform +SaaS application mall +O2O service. Further, iSSCloud provides all-round application services and data services for cities through cloud resource platform + big data platform + application platform.

iSoftStone has also established innovation research institutes and engineering research institutes, including IoT Technology Institute, Human-computer Interaction and Innovation Experience Institute, Urban Governance Institute, Big Data Institute, Urban Science Planning Institute, AI and Deep Learning Institute, etc. Through those organizations, iSoftStone can conduct joint research and development with different research institutions, and explore the integration of ecological resources to create the value of sustainable development.

In this way, the integration of iSoftStone from the inside out forms a relatively complete innovation cooperation ecosystem, which connects the upstream, middle and downstream of technological innovation, and the innovation environment to iSoftStone. Driven by technological progress and commercial innovation, an ecology conducive to innovations is in place that accommodates not only the technical ecology composed of IT technology manufacturers, research institutions and software developers, but also the business ecology composed of government organizations, associations and financial institutions.

This forms a complete closed circle for driving digitization and iSoftStone can thus make the digital upgrading of cities and enterprises possible. As IDC pointed out in the report, practitioners such as iSoftStone, which have obvious technical advantages, outstanding industry experience and complete solutions, are setting benchmarks and practices for digital transformation in different industries, and can gradually complete the upgrading of digital transformation from key sectors to all industries, thus driving the digital economy.

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