Introduction of EasyBuilder Products

EazyBuilder is the achievement of continuous refinement in professional software development delivery workflow. It is an efficient, flexible, and easy-to-use continuous integration platform which has complete process for building a standardized pipeline based on the working experience of DevOps continuous delivery certification standards.

The product of this platform is dedicated to helping you create, manage and monitor continuous integration pipeline. It focuses on the requirements of continuous integration automation pipeline such as multi-team multi-engineering unified compilation, building, scanning, deployment, etc. Through automatic injection and decoration of plug-ins and pipeline templating, it focuses on solving the problems such as cumbersome operation and configuration of continuous integration tools (such as Jenkins/Hudson), high learning costs (such as must be familiar with Jenkinsfile/pipeline/groovy syntax, etc.), complex environment dependence (Shared library needs to rely on code base when running), difficult configuration of large volume projects and difficult pipeline management and so on.

Features and Advantages 


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Product Architecture of EazyBuilder Platform

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Operating Principle of EazyBuilder Platform

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Function Overview

Basic Configuration

In the project team resource configuration menu, configure jenkins, sonarqube address, and configure jenkins working directory. If you need to use k8s configuration, you also need to configure the k8s deployment file path (the system will automatically generate a k8s yml file, and stored it to this file path)

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System Parameter Configuration

In the system parameter configuration menu, configure the basic information (this step can be replaced by the initialization sql included in the source code)

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 Creating Pipelines

In the initialization project group menu, enter the code repository address to automatically generate the pipeline

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Creating a Building Process

In the building process definition menu, configure the steps included in the build process

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Running the Pipeline

In the pipeline execution menu, run the pipeline

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Viewing Pipeline Logs

In the history building logs menu, view the logs

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Message Warning

In the message configuration menu, configure mails, Ding Talk alerts

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Quick Start

Continue to read open source projects to get a better understanding of EazyBuilder products.

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