iSoftStone Kubernetes Professional Services

iSoftStone Kubernetes Professional Services

Kubernetes has become the cornerstone of cloud computing and modern IT infrastructure. As a professional provider of Kubernetes O&M services, iSoftStone can provide customized support according to the different needs of customers, helping customers deploy and manage Kubernetes without worry.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open source platform for managing containerized workload and service, which can facilitate declarative configuration and automation. It provides some universally applicable functions for PaaS products, such as deployment, scaling, load balancing, logging and monitoring, and also builds the underlying platform for developers, and more importantly, retains the flexibility of user choice.

For enterprises that build their own container platforms based on the Kubernetes community edition, iSoftStone's iSS Cloud service platform has launched K8s O&M services covering the entire life cycle of Kubernetes, helping you achieve rapid iteration of applications, greatly improve efficiency and reduce business risk.

Our Products


iSSCloud is an enterprise-level PaaS platform for integrated development and operation based on Kubernetes technology, which provides seamless integration of microservices and containers, and is compatible with different infrastructures. With such functions as managing various databases and middleware and supporting big data, the platform can provide the core support for digital transformation for enterprise IT development, testing, deployment, O&M and management capabilities.




Application scenarios


Our services

Professional consulting:

According to the customer's IT infrastructure and business status as well as best industry practices, we provide customers with cloud-native technical consulting and recommend the optimal cloud solution.

l  We also provide overall solutions based on Docker and Kubernetes container platform technology.


In order to help enterprise employees quickly acquire Kubernetes-related skills, iSoftStone provides intermediate and advanced skills training to meet the learning needs of enterprise employees with different basic technologies, and help enterprise employees to quickly apply what they've learned into enterprise business.

l  Training content: basic knowledge of cloud native technology, Kubernetes architecture, Kubernetes API primitives, clustering and deployment, Service and other concepts and basic operations;

l  Other training on the use, development, O&M of Docker and Kubernetes.


We provide Kubernetes O&M technology for enterprises, unified supervision and scheduling of existing resources, and make real-time changes according to business requirements, to realize rapid problem positioning, real-time fault analysis, automatic online backup and disaster recovery, etc.;

We could help customers quickly master advanced technologies and O&M management skills, shorten the time for problem positioning, improve Kubernetes service O&M quality, and reduce O&M costs.


According to the existing business logic and new product requirements of enterprises, we carry out service demand planning, business planning, and architecture design, and use Kubernetes microservice architecture to reconstruct the application system, improving the overall management ability of Kubernetes development in an all-round way for technology integration, system integration and business integration. We also help customers implement Kubernetes cloud-native new technologies and new R&D models, to achieve the collaborative improvement of culture, processes, and tools, enterprise innovation and digital transformation.

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