Cloud management services (MSP)

It can provide cloud consulting, and various services at the stages of construction and operation, including cloud consulting, cloud operation & maintenance, cloud migration, cloud development, cloud security, and cloud intelligence; support the entire process of enterprise cloud, and deeply empower the digital transformation of enterprises.

• Cloud consulting: It refers to the end-to-end digital transformation consulting service for overall cloud planning, cloud migration consulting, data intelligence, cloud security, data governance, and DCM planning based on digital technologies in the fields of cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, and blockchain, as well as rich industry solutions.

• Cloud migration: It refers to the comprehensive cloud migration service for enterprises, including the migration of application and data between traditional data centers, private cloud, public cloud and different cloud architectures, which can help enterprise applications to apply cloud smoothly.

• Cloud operation & maintenance: It refers to the operation & maintenance service for enterprise cloud based on authoritative certification and management systems such as ISO20000, COBIT and ITIL, including 7/24 technical support services and products such as SLA protocol operation & maintenance management, monitoring alarm and operation & maintenance tools, which can integrate overall solutions for operation & maintenance planning, design and management.

• Cloud development: It refers to the service for helping the customers to develop cloud-native applications or reconstruct the application systems with professional methodology and tools based on strong customized software development capabilities and DevOps-based agile delivery capability; it can also provide cloud-based technologies, data and DCM selection and construction.

• Cloud security: It refers to the service for helping the customers to build an all-weather and multi-dimensional active defense system based on cloud, and providing cloud security management, protection and consulting services by virtue of the advanced capabilities such as comprehensive network security isolation and management, real-time threat intelligence automation, cloud-based unified identification management, security and trusted environment of underlying hardware of built-in security chips in the cloud, full-link data encryption, and DevOps online security.

• Cloud intelligence: It refers to the service for providing the customers with professional technical support for intelligent products, cloud intelligent basic platform, face recognition, big data search and analysis, image recognition, and intelligent customer service, etc. Based on the integration of innovative technologies (cloud, big data, and AI), industry mechanisms and expert knowledge, it can provide collaborative intelligent services, explore the value of data, assist in the intelligent upgrade of government and enterprises, and establish leading advantages.

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