Product development and infrastructure engineering

It can provide IT infrastructure design and construction services for large-scale government enterprises; and providing the services such as survey design, integrated design, hardware construction, business soft tuning, application and data migration, security scanning and security rectification for the Internet, operators, and software products of high-tech industry units. The business covers more than 20 provinces and 30 cities, and can provide excellent personnel supply and timely response and guarantee services.

IT basic environment design and construction

IT basic environment design and construction, IT network security, IT operation and maintenance services, IT virtualization, and cloud computing construction services, etc.

Hardware installation for engineering construction

It can provide reliable support and guarantee services for cabinet installation, and the installation/removal, power on/off, and wiring of mainstream servers, storage, and network equipment; and can also provide the services of hardware construction supervision, and quality inspection.

Engineering construction survey and design

It can provide survey design drawings and survey reports based on the understanding of the construction environment of computer room, physical parameters of equipment, and parameters of engineering auxiliary materials.

Business commissioning and application/data migration

It mainly provides solutions for system expansion, software version change, hardware equipment cutover, application and data migration of value-added products of telecom operators; as well as full-process project management and human resources investment services.

System security

It mainly provides emergency guarantee, including the services of dealing with system missed scan, analysis of missed scan results, and rectification of system vulnerability and non-compliance problems.


General technical services