iSoftStone and Microsoft Join Forces For Efficiency Revolution with AIGC Technology

With the rapid development of science and technology, digital transformation has become a challenge that global enterprises must face and actively address. In this context, IT service providers need to possess strong innovation and leading technological capabilities. Only with these core qualities can service providers assist businesses in successfully navigating the significant shift from traditional business models to digital transformation. They need to integrate the latest technologies into practical business applications to enhance operational efficiency and bring greater business value.

Recently, iSoftStone has demonstrated its robust capabilities through concrete actions. The company successfully secured the product operations service project for Microsoft's Web Experience Team (WebXT). This is a significant project with a budget exceeding tens of millions, and from bidding to final implementation, iSoftStone showcased its outstanding service capabilities.

As a leading domestic IT service provider, iSoftStone fully applied advanced Artificial Intelligence Content Generation (AIGC) technology in this project. All workflows will be based on the company's independently developed iSoftStone Tianxun 2.0 MaaS platform. This platform will serve as the carrier to construct an exclusive knowledge base for the Microsoft WebXT project team, providing comprehensive and robust support.

Additionally, iSoftStone plans to develop multiple AI Copilot tools that will efficiently and flexibly provide powerful assistance for project implementation. Through this approach, a 35% increase in project efficiency and output is anticipated. This not only positively impacts Microsoft's WebXT project team but also establishes a favorable reputation for iSoftStone's outstanding service capabilities within the industry.

Microsoft's WebXT (Web Experience Team) department is a crucial division responsible for globally influential internet products, including Bing and Skype. This team recognizes that the success of internet products depends not only on their functionality and performance but also on the users' experience. Therefore, they are dedicated to providing immersive, vibrant online experiences to ensure that product users feel satisfied and enjoy their experiences every day.

To achieve this, the WebXT team serves over a billion users worldwide every day. This is not only in daily product maintenance but also in continuous product optimization and updates. They fully understand the needs and feedback of each user, aiming to enhance user experience while meeting their fundamental functional requirements.

Focusing on this goal, the WebXT team has invested a significant amount of time and effort in researching, developing, and implementing cutting-edge technologies. They place particular emphasis on leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, including but not limited to advanced technologies such as natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning. Under the team's guidance, these technologies continuously integrate into products, significantly enhancing the intelligence and interactive quality of the products.

In addition to artificial intelligence, the WebXT team also pays attention to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). They believe that through these technologies, they can break through the limitations of traditional web experiences and create entirely new online experiences. Currently, they are exploring and implementing innovative experiences based on technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. These experiences not only offer users richer and more personalized services but also enhance the quality of user interaction, further attracting and retaining users.

Firstly, by applying AI technology, we actively collect and process real feedback from end-users, diligently optimizing our products to enhance user satisfaction. Additionally, the execution and implementation of the project serve as objective proof of iSoftStone's capabilities on a global-scale technology platform—Microsoft. Our AIGC technological strength has garnered global attention, deepening our influence in the global market.

The close partnership is a collaborative achievement between us and the global software giant Microsoft, serving as the best testament to iSoftStone's capabilities and strength as a top-tier technology service provider in AIGC. This simultaneously provides trust and assurance for investors, showcasing our outstanding technical prowess and demonstrating our ability to address great global challenges and development opportunities.

Microsoft's recognition and trust significantly enhance our market promotion effectiveness. Through the successful advancement and implementation of projects, we will gain notable improvements in brand image and visibility, attracting more potential customers and investors, and instilling hope in investors regarding iSoftStone.

Overall, iSoftStone's flagship lies in our AIGC technological strength and extensive industry experience. In the future, we will uphold this advantage, continually strengthen our cooperation with global technology giants, jointly promote technological innovation, assist more enterprises in achieving digitization, enhance user experiences, and ultimately maintain a leadership advantage in the market. Furthermore, iSoftStone will continue to provide top-quality services to global customers, fulfilling our commitments to partners and investors.

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